See Ya Summer

Once again summer has come to an end and as usual my monthly video garden tour has been left to the last minute.  It has been a busy time just recently with a lot more doing stuff than documenting the doing of stuff.  But as the next season takes over, hopefully things will slow down to a more manageable pace.   Having said that we have time at home with no running around for the next week as we have yet another lockdown.  But for me that’s ok,  I’ll be able to focus on the garden and my computer gardening without too much distraction.  Although the kids are home from school and there is a low level anxiety that comes with lockdown.  But I sure they’ll have this latest outbreak nipped in the bud soon enough. 

Last of the summer tomatoes
The last of the summer tomatoes – the last ones surviving in a remotely viable way after the terrible Tomato Potato Psyllid infestation.

So join me in my garden for this tour around my garden and find out about boy and girl asparagus, how to tell when melons are ready, recognising carrot seedlings, a formula for a good windbreak and other hints and tips along the way.  Check it out:

Come again soon – autumn is generally the kinder season.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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  1. You are so inspirational, I’m reading your first book for the second time. Like how you do things, how you explain things and show what you are doing. Keep it coming !

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