April … Done and Dusted

And just like that we are a quarter the way through the year.  I really don’t know how it happens.  I get up every day and try to make the most of the hours ahead of me and go back to bed exhausted.  It would seem life is somehow speeding up without me noticing.

We have peas again – hooray!

I do find April a challenging month though.  I seem to unintentionally slow down.  Whether it is due to the obvious change in the weather.  It isn’t balmy anymore and I have to put on socks so it must be too cold to go out into the garden and do things.  Although the ‘cold’ I’m speaking of is only the tip of the iceberg of what is to come so I expect this wussy-ness is all a bit premature and come winter I’ll have to put my brave on.

Mustard cover crop
There is something magnificent about an emerald green mustard cover crop in the early stages.

Or it could be the garden itself isn’t as demanding and so I rest on my laurels and avoid anything really demanding.  I have to fight with myself to make progress and achievement.

Aphids on garlic chives
Not everything is fine and dandy. I have aphids on my garlic chives. I have sprayed them with Yates Natrasoap so I think some of them have died but I’ll hose the plant off and then spray again soon.

So, it is with a bit of surprise when I made my end of April video tour, to see the garden looked in order and in control.  I didn’t realise I’d done so much.  I guess as the last video was only 3 weeks ago, I had subconsciously put myself under pressure to get enough things done so there’d be a noticeable change in the video.  Nothing like public shaming for motivation.

After a week the garlic is up. If you look closely you can see more, although the green to the right is a weed that is no longer there.

But this April apathy is catching and historically has done terrible things to my productivity in May.  So, for the last couple of years, I have launched my #MakeMayCount program to ensure this potentially slowest month of the year, that has the last of the good-ish weather, is as productive as it could possibly be.   This means lots of garden tasks, chores and activities including those that have been long put off.  It also means new and exciting projects and I have a few ideas.  But importantly it means lots of updates and sharing of content because let’s be honest, I’ve been a little slack lately.  April has a lot to answer for.

Onion seedlings
The onion seedlings are coming along nicely and on track to be planted out in the garden in mid June.

So, sit back and join me in my latest garden tour.  You may want to make a cuppa or pop some popcorn as it is just shy of half an hour, but it is full of tips and hints and a sneaky peek at one of the new projects.

Come again soon – I’m going to do my very best to #MakeMayCount.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

6 thoughts on “April … Done and Dusted

    1. I think crazy might be a better definition of me. I really wonder how I got here sometimes! The peas are delish but once the teens find out they are ready, they will probably snaffle them up with no chance of an excess harvest. : o)

  1. It was lovely to watch your April video sarah,you still have a bit of work to do this month,then you can rest and put your feet up,for a while,hope you get those nasty rats,take care

    1. I know… May always rolls around way too quickly and the weather tends to turn cold at this point too so you have to really push yourself to get things done! : o)

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