Amazing Avocados

Day 2 of #MakeMayCount was starting to look like there would be no room at all for anything ‘planty’.  As it was a weekend day, we wanted to paint one of the bedrooms in our house.  We haven’t really done a lot to the inside of the house since we moved it onto our coastal property, as the outside and gardens have been our priority.  But once we realised the one of the teen lads is preparing to fly to coop in the foreseeable future, we thought, as responsible parents we should at least give him a nice room before he leaves.  As much as I hate painting, this is going to be the first of many indoor painting projects for some time to come.  Although not remotely horticultural it is still helping to #MakeMayCount as a productive month we can look back on and be proud. 

Avocado tree
Avocado trees are so beautifully structural, making the orchard look quite magical.

But the afternoon revealed itself to be a fabulous green thing.   Friends of ours had invited us to come and explore their avocado orchard.    They acquired the orchard at about the same time as we were relocating our house and have immersed themselves in taking care of the trees in order to get a bountiful harvest.   They bought trees back from a poorly state, discovered the benefits of planting trees on mounds in low lying spots as avocados don’t like wet feet, and so much more.  They also realised windbreaks, while very important to protect the trees, have roots that like to take advantage of the moist nutrient rich soil beneath the avocado tree, robbing it of its vigour. 

Avocado orchard
Such lovely majestic vistas of abundantly verdant trees and sweeping paths.

With three years of caring for and nurturing the orchard, their knowledge is deeply rooted in experience and with the assistance from consultants and experts, the orchard is a thriving place, and it was a pleasure to tour through it and enjoy conversation with people passionate about their livelihood.  

Avocado orchard
Such lovely majestic vistas of abundantly verdant trees and sweeping paths.

While it wasn’t a productive day in my garden, I learnt a lot and it was a lovely way to spend a day.   Aside from the painting.  We still have one more coat of paint to go on and then do some accessorising – curtains, bedcovers, lighting etc, but it is shaping up nicely.  I’ll share a picture once it’s done.

Avocados, such a strange fruit, once mature it can stay of the tree for months and only begins to ripen once picked.

Now for day 3.  The sun is shining, and the sky is blue so if I don’t get much done it will be my own fault.  The conditions are perfect for a productive day. 

Come again soon – so far so good for a productive May.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

7 thoughts on “Amazing Avocados

  1. Sarah, the avocado orchard is delightful. That looks like a wonderful day spent with good friends. Best of luck pulling together your teen’s room. My goodness time flies.

    1. It was a fabulous visit. The teen room is coming along nicely, but you are right – time does fly, it wasn’t that long ago they were just little kids now they are at the point of getting ready to step out on their own. eek. : o)

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