Late Again Tour

It has been my intention this year to do a video tour update every month, but I was a bit slow getting the end of May video done.  I put it down to the nasty lurgy I had in between the months.   But better late than never, here is my end of autumn / start of winter garden tour.

I think I’m in a good space as far as getting things done since I came up with my plan to get through winter.   The best bit of the schedule is putting the expected end date of projects in the week I’d like it done by, rather than giving it an open-ended start date.  According to the chart by the end of this week I should have sorted the bulbs and put up the shed guttering and I’m pleased to say I’ve done both.  I talked about the bulbs last time, but today Hubby the Un-Gardener gave me a hand and the guttering went up on both sheds.  I just need to come up with a collection system, so no water is wasted.

Guttering on the sheds
It turns out guttering isn’t that difficult to install.

Next week I’m hoping to get the back door garden done. It sounds like a big job but if my planning isn’t too optimistic it shouldn’t take long at all.  Aside from that, the expectations aren’t too great so I can progress without having too much on my plate.  So far so good.

Come again soon – if the end of the month tour is to be different from this one, I’ll need to make some good progress.

Sarah the Gardener : o)

4 thoughts on “Late Again Tour

  1. You always make me so jealous. Although, I do like my Nebraska seasons. Even the cold winter snow and cold can be enjoyed by sleds and toboggans. If I was a little richer it would be four wheelers and snowmobiles. Watching the snow fall on the shortest day of the year in Nebraska is one of my favorite things. I usually start my onion seed about a month after the shortest day of the year. Do you grow short day or long day onions there or maybe it doesn’t matter where you are. The multicolor glass corn is mostly used for Halloween and holiday decorations here in Nebraska. My corn is grown to eat as sweet corn. I’m not too much into decorations.

    Ha, I belly laughed at paying your teenagers to get them to do something. My grandson is soon to be 17 has a job at a retail store so my paltry amount of money paid to do tasks for me just doesn’t interest him any more.

    The gardener’s vision of the next season is always perfect in every way in their mind, isn’t it. Every year we hope for a better one than the last.

    Be well my friend and your posts are never boring to me even if they are repetitive. There’s always something a little different every year.

    Have a great time starting the next season’s garden. I’m looking forward to see how that perfect garden will look.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. Thanks Dave for such a lovely long reply. We don’t even get as much as a frost here. We are thinking about going to look for some snow up the mountain in the coming weeks so the teens can have a go at snowboarding. I think most of our onions are Intermediate day length varieties Day length doesn’t seem to be a selling point and the information isn’t readily available so we must not have such wide regional differences here. Thanks for enjoying my posts. Cheers Sarah : o)

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