Spring starts this week

That heading has so many emotions all tied up in it:

“Hooray the warmer weather is on the way”

“…But I’m not ready…”

“Ohh so much hope and expectation – surely it will be a good season”

“I’m so excited for all the possibilities”

“Brace yourself for all the work”

“Yay Yay, Yay, and Yay!”

The push in the garden this winter to get to this point has been enormous.  I have achieved or am on the way to achieving some pretty large projects.  For some, they were at the luxury of the warmth of indoors with computer gardening projects and others were out in the cold doing the graft.   When I look back over the winter as a whole, I’m actually pleased with all I have achieved, and should try not to beat myself up over the things I’ve not yet done.  Rome wasn’t built in one day – I’m just a gardener with occasional help Hubby the Un-Gardener and a couple of reluctant teen lads.

The garden
The garden as it stands at the end of winter.

I told myself last week was the last week for focusing on big projects and this week I am to turn the tables to regular routines again.  And here we are on day one of this new week and I have been foiled by the weather.  It’s raining outside.  It hasn’t always been raining, this morning was lovely, but the start of my day was filled with essential computer gardening – and it would seem I’ve missed my window.  Not a great start but there is always tomorrow.

Fruit sector in poor repair
Before: The fruit sector in poor repair

Last week I alternated my path building in The Palace and manage to create another couple of sections.  There are only 2 more to go and I’m sure I’ll be able to fit them in somewhere in this new schedule.   And in the in between days, I got Hubby the Un-Gardener’s help and we repaired the broken strawberry bed and built a temporary anti-eddy windbreak.  I wanted to build a nice wooden permanent structure, but lockdown got in the way.  I had the forethought to grab windbreak fabric in my mad dash to the garden centre on the eve of lockdown and in hindsight it is probably best to give it a season with the fabric before investing in something more expensive in case it doesn’t work.   Although by my calculations the entire fruit section will benefit from the new protection.

Repairing the strawberry bed
First we carefully removed the wooden edges and levelled out the sandy path to undo the harm caused by the wind and then put the wooden edges back.
Building a windbreak
Next we put up a frame structure for the anti-eddy windbreak
anti-eddy windbreak
We stood back and proudly surveyed the wonderful windbreak we made.

I also had to listen to myself and have a little rest for a day or two, because I pushed myself too hard – I knew I was dancing a little too close to a bout of MSsy fatigue, but I really wanted to get things done.  Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy.   Since then, I’ve made sure I’ve taken plenty of breaks along the way and have taken to sitting on the swing seat for the numerous cups of tea Hubby the Un-Gardener brings me.  Mental note to self – round up all the cups in the garden while everyone thinks they are in a teen lad’s bedroom!

Fruit sector repaired
After: the Fruit sector repaired with the anti-eddy windbreak. All I have to do now is sort out the actual plants.

This new start to a new season will look similar to last season, because it works for me.  The garden is divided into 5 groups and on a Monday, I only take care of the needs of sector 1.  Tuesday is sector 2 and so on.  There will be a bit of a catch up to be done as over the last few weeks or so, I’ve kind of neglected all the essential parts of the garden because I was focusing on projects.  So, each day I will spend my energies getting the sectors back into shape.  But if I don’t get it all done, I can do it the next week.  Spring may start this week, but there is still plenty of time before all the beds are occupied so I mustn’t panic.

A lovely garden view across to the pond
It was so delightful to look across the garden and see the light bouncing off the flowers and the wildlife ponds…

The great thing about gardening is nothing is ever urgent, there is always tomorrow and if push comes to shove there is always next season.  If you get something to eat at the end of your efforts, you have reached success.

Come again soon – winter will be behind us, and spring will stretch out ahead.

Sarah the Gardener : o)

4 thoughts on “Spring starts this week

  1. Here I am, excited that fall is around the corner and the grizzly bears are going to be hibernating soon so we can take the dog sled team out again lol. I’m happy for you that your spring is coming, though! 🙂

  2. Completely agree with all the emotions you share at the start! I’m certainly looking forward to this growing season, but also super aware of all that I need to/want to do any what time I have.

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