A new Month

Although it is already 4 days old.  Mid spring is a turbulent month and is not one to be trusted.  It toys with our heartstrings, showing us just what is possible and then dumps bad weather upon us as if to say” …but you can’t have that yet”.

iris blooms by the pond
Spring is doing its best to cheer me up and there are some beautiful Iris, Poppies and some rain bedraggled calendula brightening up the place with their bold colours, beside the choked wild life pond (its on the list).

If the reminders that pop up on social media are enough to go on this season is already lagging behind by a good couple of weeks compared to previous years.  But even still I’m in a quandary here at our new frostless place.   Do I plant out or not?  The boffins are suggesting the weather will be milder than average this month but with chaotic events.  I planted my well overdue pea seedlings, and the wind came along and tossed them about…  Some didn’t make it.  Fortunately, I have spares but am waiting for a long enough period of stable weather, so they don’t suffer the same fate. 

Empty beds
Most of the beds are empty, ready and waiting. I’m not sure it they are waiting for me or for more settled weather….

Looking ahead the forecast says it will rain all week except tomorrow, but I’m not sure I can trust it.  Last week it said it was going to rain so I did something else for the day that would mean I didn’t get wet, and it didn’t rain, and I was set back a day in my spring garden prep.  It is raining today but I’m sure I can work around it.

The seedlings are also ready and waiting, growing stronger every day. Soon they will be able to withstand what the turbulent season can throw at them… hopefully.

You see the thing is I’m still not ready for spring, so I’ve moved the goal posts and employed one of the teen lads to help.    First, I wanted to be spring ready for the 1st of September because that is the start of spring for most of us here.  But I missed that deadline.  Then I wanted to be spring ready for the equinox but missed that too.  My last chance – well in my mind is the magical planting out long weekend in late October.  This year Labour Day falls on the 25th.  So now I have 21 days to be spring ready.  I’m sure I can make it…  I have a list…

Come again soon – I may be working in the rain – but I have a raincoat. 

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

5 thoughts on “ A new Month

  1. Hi Sarah, you are well ahead of me with your seedlings. Only my courgettes are ready to plant out. We planted our potatoes a month ago and they now have green leaves. We are ready with the cloches just incase of a rogue frost though. A couple of days ago we direct sowed our runner beans and snow peas. Fingers crossed that you make your Labour Day deadline 🙂 Rose x

    1. It sounds like you are off to a good start. I still haven’t sown beans or corn, but I like to do that directly in the soil as I want to grow too many to bother with all the pots. I think I will get there in the end, I just have to… : o)

  2. I’m going to be working in the rain too – finally getting my raised beds filled tomorrow. At least, it’s organized for tomorrow. There have been so many halts and hitches along the way I don’t think I’ll really believe it until I see it. And then I can at last start the spring sowing!

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