Sunny Days are Here Again

After a period of life getting in the way of the garden with its dodgy weather, emotionally anxious pandemic, teens and exam related stress and non gardening computer related activities, the pendulum swung back in my favour.  All it took was for me to muster up all my everything to tackle all the non gardening things indoors while the weather was less than ideal, the kids to finally reach the end of the dramatic side of the end of the school year, and the sun to come out.  The pandemic is still a worry but there isn’t a lot that I can do about that.

Sector 1
Sector 1 – all taken care of and looking good.

Yesterday I gardened.   Which felt so healing from the moment I stepped into the garden.  I now have 2 sectors in complete control that only need minor adjustment while it heads towards the edible stage.  The other 3 sectors aren’t that bad, but do need a bit of love to bring it up to a low maintenance level.   And then I can tackle the side mess – the bits outside of the garden.   I’m still endeavouring to do my 5 things a day in the garden, but learning not to beat myself up about it on the days it is not possible and allowing myself to stop guilt free if my weary body is telling me too – even if I haven’t finished the task in front of me.   Together this makes a nice slow enjoyable pace, without overdoing things yet still making progress, and feeling still human when I come in at the end of the day to spend time with my family.

Sector 2
Sector 2 – all taken care of and looking good.

So here is a lovely summary of  what I got up to in the garden for me in pictures:

And now the sun is shining again so I shall head back out into the garden and see what else can be done to bring me joy and pleasure and whip the garden into shape at the same time.

Haymakers Punch
I’m not a fan of just water but need to stay hydrated while in the garden on hot days. So I made some Hay Makers Punch. I’m not one for following instructions to the letter so I checked a few recipes and then gave it a whirl. It is quite easy to make, although I added all the ingredients before the water and then read that the you’re supposed to boil the water and the ginger (- the amount varied so I finely grated a good knob of ginger) first to infuse the flavours then cool and add 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar so you don’t destroy the beneficial effects. Oh and the juice of half a lemon juice is supposed to go in there too… I just added boiled water to everything, let it cool and popped it in the fridge. Everyone seemed to like it so I made some more again today, but with only 1 tablespoon of vinegar and a touch more honey and a lot less ginger.

Come again soon – the air has those summer vibes going on.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

NB:  clicking on the images will give a small tale to go with each one!

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  1. Go you Sarah!!! I’m just using today to soak up vit d from the sun as my energy has peaked at 10%. Lol. Buti did sow three snakebeans, today!!! Keep an eye out for the postie 😘

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