Just an Ordinary Day

These days I have been working my way though all the winter projects on my to do list at a great rate of knots.  With only 34 days until the start of spring – not counting today, I feel like I will arrive at the start of the new season, more organised and more in control than I ever have been before!    But not wanting to jinx it I am wary that anything could go wrong to set me back, like another fall off the deck or catching the dreaded Covid, which I have so far managed to avoid.

I decided today I’d take you along with me to see what an average day in the life of Sarah the Gardener looks like….

start of the day
My day starts with a basket full of the bits and bobs I need in my office like my laptop, and some warm gloves. And then all the garden bits and bobs that end up in the house, like a pair of grubby gloves and the dahlia tubers I bought the other day on impulse. And of course a cuppa tea to get started with and my garden boots because I intend to have a good day.
Once I’ve settled all my bits and bobs into their rightful places in the office, I take a quick tour of the garden to see if there is anything new. These daffodils weren’t there yesterday!
Then it is off to the greenhouse to check to see if the pea seedlings have popped up yet. It is too soon for them to pop up but it is always good to check… you never know.
Computer gardening
Then it was settling in to a session of computer gardening, taking care of all the emails and comments, chipping away at projects and a good bit of writing.
I didn’t mind spending time in my office in the warm and dry. The weather outside was awful, there was rain coming in sideways from time to time.
And then the sun came out and made all sorts of outdoor gardening chores seem possible. Although to be honest it did flip flop between rainy and sunny all day.
Jasper the Dog
Not everyone was ready to leave the warm of the office once the sun came out! Jasper the Dog is often found sleeping on my comfy office chair.
Pumpkin soup
I decided to stop for lunch before heading out to do some hard graft. You can’t go past a warming bowl of pumpkin soup and each bowl of soup means a dent in my stored pumpkin stash in the shed.
Spreading compost
The first big job was to spread some compost in Room Two of The Palace Garden. I lost count of how many bags but I know it was more than 10.
getting bark chips
After the compost was spread we headed off to the local garden centre for a load of bark chips to mulch Room Two in The Palace.
Hubby the Un-Gardener whipped up a delish dinner with plenty of fresh herbs from the garden sprinkled through. I’ll hope there isn’t some stuck between my teeth, spoiling my smile, but no one has said anything.
Night time view
I had intended to show a lovely sunset to mark the end of the day, but it sun  went down while I wasn’t looking so this was the next best thing – the view out of the window at night… or not.

And that was my day.  I have collapsed into a bit of a heap on the sofa with Jasper the Dog on my side and a cheeky red wine in my hand.  I will certainly sleep well, so I can go through it all over again.

Come again soon – spring things are starting to appear on my to do list.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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