Safe travels over the rainbow bridge

It is a bit of a sad day for us here.  Our magnificent Snowy the Goat peacefully passed away while receiving her last cuddle.

Snowy the Goat
Go well Snowy the Goat, we will miss you xxx

She has been a constant in our lives for the last eleven years.  When we got Snowy she was just 5 days old, and her sister Sweetie was only 2 days old.  We needed them for school calf club for the boys.  Snowy belonged to Tim and Joey had Sweetie.

You can read about when we first got them here:

We have babies – tiny babies – sooooo cute!

They were so tiny the chickens were bigger.  Looking back at the photos they boys were so small then too!

Tim and Snowy the Goat
Tim and Snowy the Goat were both so small!

Within 7 weeks, they were taken to school and put through their paces with leading, calling and how well they’d been looked after.  Blow me down if Tim and Snowy didn’t win Champion Goat with large trophies and many ribbons.  It came as quite a surprise.   You can read about that here:

You gotta love living in the country…

Snowy's prizes
We have been known to tell people we are award winning goat farmers… which is a bit of a stretch…

From there the goats lived a more mundane life, just keeping the grass down across our lands.  Although occasionally Snowy found herself in the pages of a magazine.  She had such a grand pose.  She was a cheeky goat and loved to be cuddled and her tail would wJag furiously in delight.  However, she didn’t know her own strength and the horns were a potential hazard so giving cuddles required a degree of bravery.

Snowy the Goat
This photo shows the character of our lovely cheeky goat.

Sadly, Sweetie passed away not long after we moved here beside the sea and Snowy got to enjoy clambering up the sides of our great hills and kept the gorse at bay.    It won’t be the same looking out the window and not seeing her taking in the view from a lofty height on the hillside.   She will be dearly missed.

Come again soon – once I’ve had a moment to process that she is gone.

Sarah the Gardener : o(

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  1. Sorry to hear about Snowy, but what an amazing experience for your human kids. Lots to be proud of here. And lots of wonderful memories. I know you’ll all miss him. xox

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