I need more Broad Beans!

Ok, so I spent ages planning my garden and working out where everything will go based on it’s ultimate size and spacing requirements.   I often tell people, once you have planned your garden then that’s pretty much it – if you want extras, don’t squeeze them in, extend your garden or pop them in containers.   And that still pretty much applies. But, when Yates, my … Continue reading I need more Broad Beans!

What’s Bean Happening?

Finally, after a difficult week the sun burst forth and I could go out into the garden and truly lose myself in it.  After a miserable spring where more time was spent nipping out to the garden to do a few quick things before the next shower.   The terrible week was framed with high winds and solid rain, which set the scene for the shock … Continue reading What’s Bean Happening?

Hey wasp, get off my broad beans

I know I’m not overly keen on broad beans, but there they are again in my garden, standing tall and festooned with a multitude of flowers.  On warmer days it is nice to see the big fat fuzzy bumble bee and the honey bee with his pockets full of pollen darting in and out of the long tubular flowers, drinking in the nectar in exchange … Continue reading Hey wasp, get off my broad beans

Blast from the Past: Autumn is doing what Autumn does

… But it is doing it without me!  My super secret project is still  keeping me indoors bashing out words on my  keyboard and I looking out my window at another clear blue sky day and sighing.  It is perfect gardening weather….  sigh.   My poor garden is definitely entering the neglected phase.  But I tell myself only 10 more days and then I can … Continue reading Blast from the Past: Autumn is doing what Autumn does

The Late Spring Harvest

Finally I’ve been in the garden, and it was about time too!  Slowly but surely I eased myself back into it like a swimmer trying to get into a freezing cold pool.  I didn’t want to rush and set myself back.   However a neglected garden can be a daunting thing.  Where to start?  Do you tackle the produce that is ready to harvest, protect the … Continue reading The Late Spring Harvest

I’m growing spuds…. in winter!

I was at the garden centre the other day and noticed the craziest thing.  There were loads and loads of seed potatoes on sale.  Now I’m pretty sure this isn’t the season for potatoes, but I had my judgement questioned.  I mean come late summer when I want to put in a sneaky crop to harvest before the frost, there is hardly any to be … Continue reading I’m growing spuds…. in winter!

This is the last day of the worst month of spring.

I should really remember it every year as a hard month, but my enthusiasm and sheer determination tends to make me forget that I have the same struggle every year.  September – the middle spring month is just yucky.  It is always stormy and windy and rainy and soggy and boggy and really hard work.  But the thing is – it is an uphill battle … Continue reading This is the last day of the worst month of spring.