Signs of Spring

And so we have come to the final day of winter.  When it comes to the spring and summer I prefer to go by the calendar as it brings the desirable seasons to me quicker.  However for Autumn and Winter, if we go with  the equinox / solstice system, then I can kid myself the good times last longer.  I play it free and easy with my seasons.

Water, water everywhere
Water, water everywhere… and this is just from today!

Therefore today is officially the last day of winter and we shall rejoice.  Although winter isn’t giving up without a fight and spring is going to have to work hard to undo what winter has done today.  My poor sodden soil.  And the boffins are saying we are heading for a drought this spring.  So if they are actually right I shall look back on today with a degree of envy at the sheer quantity of water lying about as it continues to fall from the sky unabated.

But spring is making itself felt so, check out my latest tour for signs of spring.  You may want to wrap up warm, this video kind of exudes the cold, miserable weather.

Come again soon – I still have have that riddle to tell you.

Cheers Sarah  : o )

4 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Hey Sarah .. how nice to wander round your place. Love the lambs and the chooks – and your goats. Thankfully we don’t have that problem with the puks. Great to see signs of spring at your place. I’m yet to get my seeds underway – must get cracking!

  2. I love your free and easy approach to the seasons. I love those rain puddles too, though I know you’re sick of that rain. And a seasonal drought!? Say it isn’t so.

    I’m off to look at your video. These must take hours for you to produce.

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