I need more Broad Beans!

Ok, so I spent ages planning my garden and working out where everything will go based on it’s ultimate size and spacing requirements.   I often tell people, once you have planned your garden then that’s pretty much it – if you want extras, don’t squeeze them in, extend your garden or pop them in containers.   And that still pretty much applies.

Yates Hughey Broad Beans
The new and exciting scarlet flowered Yates Hughey Broad Beans. They are the newest must have in any kiwi veggie patch this season,

But, when Yates, my favourite seed company, decides to release a whole lot of new products for the season, then I just have to make room.  So, while I won’t be squeezing things in, there’ll be some juggling going on.   I really shouldn’t extend the garden and if you asked Hubby the Un-Gardener he would say I wasn’t allowed to.  And to be honest, containers are my weak point.  I do try, but with everything else going on in the garden they can have a less than ideal quality of care, and I’d hate that for these new exciting things.

Yates Evergreen Broad Beans
My Yates Evergreen Broad Beans I planted back in at the end of May are doing well.

I have room in the odd and sods bed which is great.  But that currently has the last of last season’s brassicas in there and they’re not ready yet.  So, I have to get a bit creative to make room for some amazing new Broad Beans.  I can’t believe I’m getting excited about broad beans as I still haven’t completely come to terms with their likeability.  Yet.  But these ones are different.  These are special and have a fabulous story to them and I have to have them.

Broad bean seeds
The beans are placed 15cm a part and sown 4cm deep. It is best not to over water after planting to prevent the seeds from rotting in the soil. I am hoping it won’t rain again before they germinate!

Here in New Zealand our biosecurity is extremely important to us, and as a result our biodiversity in the vegetable range is what it is and I understand this perfectly.  So, when you find a tenacious Kiwi plantsman decides to breed something new to create a Broad Bean with beautiful scarlet flowers, then we need to honour this innovation and grow some for ourselves.

Supporting the Broad Beans
Broad beans grow about a metre tall and need support as they can flop about. I like to build a wee trellis fence around them to keep them contained as they grow

So, I need to make room for my new Hughey Broad Beans, creatively named after the plantsman Denis Hughes. The packet assures me they are tasty and prolific, and succulent and nutty.    You never know – I may just like this variety and if not – they will look spectacular in my garden.

We still have a fair few weather bedraggled leeks in the garden that need to be eaten sooner rather than later.

Maybe if I move the soya beans to the odds and sods bed and plant the Hughey Broad Beans in their place in the Bean Bed.  This will mean harvesting and eating a few leeks that are currently languishing in the spot I have in mind.   And the best thing of all is I can plant them right now…  there isn’t a moment to waste.

Come again soon – the weather is holding off so I need to get things done.

Sarah the Gardener : o)


7 thoughts on “I need more Broad Beans!

  1. Hi Sarah I’ve been growing these red flowering beans for a few years. One important thing is they will cross pollinate so wherever you plant them, make sure its miles and miles away from any ordinary broad beans. I’ve found the red flowering ones grow stockier. Taste is similar, but then, unlike you, I enjoy broad beans 🙂 mine have flowers on already!!

  2. As Lynne said, these red flowered beans have been round for a number of years. I think if you look at their listing in the Egmont Seed catalogue you will get a more accurate story of Denis Hughes involvement in their very welcome commercial release. Lynda Hallinan mentioned growing them some years ago and I tried to track them down but could not find them on offer commercially. To my delight Egmont offered them last year. I understand there is a version with red beans available overseas.

    Your way ahead of me with your preparations for spring – I must get out there!

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