Why we don’t call ‘autumn’ ‘fall’.

Because it could easily be mistaken for an instruction.   And taking a fall in the garden is less than ideal, as I have just experienced!

This weekend I have been working on Room Two in The Palace Garden and I have been so excited about it, I’ve even been dreaming about it.  This week was to be the culmination of months of thoughts and preparations for phase one.   All the stars were aligned, and it was going to be magnificent.  I had been delayed by a week because of the storm last week and so I was even more keen to get started.  With the glorious weather in the forecast, I was confident I could comfortably achieve all I needed to get done in good time and make my latest deadline.

flat tyre
Well – this was a surprise and not the kind of thing you want to find in the midst of an emergency!

On Sunday morning I bounced out of bed with a skip in my step, had a quick breakfast, instead of our usual long lazy weekend brekkie and headed into the garden.   I began gathering my supplies to start the project with everything I need and in a moment’s distraction – I fell off the deck.  Fortunately, it wasn’t at the deep end, but even a short misstep can be a problem.

I felt my ankle roll and heard noises and saw things from my foot that just weren’t normal.  I lay there on the ground for a while thinking, ‘ok…  how bad is this?  Can I still do my project?’  but the longer I lay there the more I realised my dreams had just been crushed.  I reached for my phone that seemed to have taken the tumble with me and called Hubby the Un-Gardener…  ‘Umm…  hey Hun, I think we need to go to A&E’.

My extremely temporary ride… But I was so grateful for this transportation while at A&E.

Now the interesting thing is – because of the MS – one of my things is pain is dulled and often in my feet.  This turns out to be a bit of a blessing as apparently, I should have been in a lot of pain, but I’m not at all.   So, I get Hubby the Un-Gardener to help me hobble into the house – because I have my pride – my gardening clothes are rather rag tag and not fit to be seen in public and so I needed to change into something more respectable.

Once I felt reasonably presented, we hobbled out to the car to find …  shock, horror… a flat tire.  Hubby the Un-Gardener tried so hard to do everything right and the wheel just would not come off and seemed to be stuck fast.  So, we called our friendly neighbours over to come and help – with farmer type tools to remove the wheel.  With the spare safely in place, we felt it would be rude not to thank them for their efforts with a quick cuppa coffee, and as I wasn’t in pain, a cuppa tea seemed like a good idea at the time.

Moon boot
If I could feel things, then maybe this wouldn’t seem so ridiculous.

Eventually we headed off to A&E – our nearest is half an hour away, but everyone was so lovely.  I even got popped in a wheelchair to take me to x-ray and the off to wait for the doctor.  It was such a relief to find my foot wasn’t broken but the joy was short lived when the doctor said, ‘you need to have your foot elevated for four days.’  Apparently not being able to feel the pain is a downside when it comes to healing as I could easily do more damage.  So, he threw in a moon boot for good measure.

The view
And so this is my view for today, which is so frustrating as I’d rather be in the garden, getting stuff done on such a lovely day.

So now, here I am, inside on a sunny day – weather that would have not only been perfect for my project but would have contributed to the joy of creating something amazing in a beautiful landscape.  My foot is up in the air – 4 pillows high, as specified by the doctor.  If I could feel anything I’d feel like the princess and the pea!

While I heal, I’m checking the forecast for next week… It doesn’t look as lovely, but who knows – things can change and all going well I will have recovered enough to get back on my feet and finish the job I almost started.

Come again soon – I guess there is always a bit of garden planning to be getting on with.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

14 thoughts on “Why we don’t call ‘autumn’ ‘fall’.

  1. Oh Sarah. Lesson is don’t get too over excited and concentrate. 4 days will whizz by and I suggest relax, Pinterest garden Palace rooms and who knows what you may discover… How about a celestial viewing garden with a moon boot as a central theme? Heal well. Xynne

    1. I have tackled a lot of computer gardening, which feels like I’m achieving something, but not what I need to be doing out in the real garden, but I am being good so I don’t run into long term problems. : o)

  2. Ouch! A friend of mine who was very badly brain damaged fell down the stairs from the top and broke her ankle but like you the damage to neurons etc means that she doesn’t feel pain as much either and just went “that hurt” instead of screeming the place down which I would have done. It took a day to realise it was broken.

    1. I think not having the pain can make it hard to work out just how bad it is but can also hinder healing. Without those doctor’s words ringing in my ears, I would be very tempted to get out into the garden today as it doesn’t feel bad at all! I hope your friend recovered well after the fall. : o)

      1. She’ll have the cast on for some time but looks ok at the moment. Thankfully although her mental age is low and she struggles to communicate to those she doesn’t know she is very obedient so if the doctor says you mustn’t walk on it then she absolutely will not and will tell you off if you tell her to put her foot down 😂

  3. Oh my goodness! What an ordeal! Glad your ankle isn’t broken and that you aren’t in pain. And then the flat tire too! I had a chuckle about the garden clothes. Same here. I won’t even go to our mailbox at the street in them. Definitely rag-tag garden attire. Hope you are healing quickly and fully!

    1. I’ve progressed to hobbling about and saw the dr the other day and he was pleased with my progress. I just need to be a bit more careful in the future, but when I’m in the midst of an exciting project, I get quite distracted. : o)

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