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… And a few words to go with them.   The mornings are turning out to be quite productive as the cooler starts stretch well into the day before the heat drives me indoors again.  The temperature is still getting up to 30C in the garden in the hottest part of the afternoon.

But it isn’t just the pleasant working conditions that make gardening great, the light levels seem to make it all quite magical and this morning I couldn’t help but take a load of photos as the opportunities presented themselves.

red peppers
Just when I was at my limit for hot sauce, the plants seem to have a new lease on life and have the flowers to prove it. If this weather keeps up there is every chance they will grow to into fine red peppers like this one.
I’m so pleased with my tomatoes, the fact they are still hanging in there at this stage of the season. It hasn’t happened for ages! I put it down to the insect net that protected them for most of the season. When it blew off in the storm I figured I was already in borrowed time so if they lasted a little longer that would be great but wasn’t expecting them to last this long!
You have to admit, for a strange looking vegetable, kohlrabi is kind of cute!
white cosmos
I am loving my white cosmos, they have just gone from strength to strength this season and there is something quite therapeutic in regularly deadheading them.
Butternut squash
Just one of the many butternut squash in the the garden, hanging in there while they fully mature!
pumpkin flower
The brilliant flash of yellow from an optimistic pumpkin flower is a joy to see, but alas there is zero chance, even with a bumblebee kiss, that it will make it to fruition.
The kale looks like an explosion of green goodness.
radish seedlings
The radish seedlings are up and looking strong and healthy.
Fennel flowers
There is a vibrancy about fennel flowers – the pop of yellow like a firework always catches my eye.
Fennel the Cat
Speaking of fennel…  Fennel the Cat basks in the heat of the greenhouse. It is a favourite spot of hers on these autumnal mornings. 
The wildlife pond
The California Poppies beside the wildlife pond seem to float like butterflies above their foliage.
empty greenhouse
The process of cleaning the greenhouse has begun with the removal of everything that was in it.
work in progress
I have also begun work on Room 2 of The Palace garden. It doesn’t look like much at this point but I can see the end result in my head and it will be marvelous.

So far so good – it has been quite a productive week in the garden – and we’re only halfway through.

Come again soon – a garden is a really nice place to hang out.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

10 thoughts on “Mostly Pictures

  1. Fennel the Cat is very handsome and picked a choice spot. You’ve reminded me, I gotta get our greenhouse cleaned out (although I’m at the opposite season as you—getting ready to pack it for spring). I love your dome greenhouse. Wish I had one like that! I look forward to seeing the new palace garden structure. Yours is one of my favorite garden blogs to read!

    1. Fennel always seems to find the best spots in the garden to sleep. I just have to make sure I don’t lock her in there by accident. I hope you have a wonderful growing season and thank you for your kind words of encouragement. : o)

    1. Cute in a weird sort of a way. You should give it a go – it is a quick growing crop and if you don’t like it you don’t have to grow it again. I find it is very versatile so always has a place in my garden. : o)

      1. Oh, I do sort of like it. I grew it in another garden, and there was quite a bit of it where I went to school in the late 1980s. I just have not grown it here.

  2. Sarah, ha, yeah, kohlrabi looks like an alien plant come to earth to take over all the gardens. I do like the taste of it and now that I’ve seen recipes that mix the root vegetable together in a mashed root recipe. Potato, rutabaga, turnip, parsnip, and Kohlrabi are chopped up, boiled, and mashed. A little seasoning of choice and yummy mashed roots.

    I had trouble getting my onion seeds to sprout this year. Out of a 72-cell seed tray only 2 sprouted. I took the rest of the packs and spread them out on a wet paper towel and zipped them up in a Ziploc bag. I placed them on a towel seed side down and put two magazines on top to keep the seeds in contact with the paper towel. Five days later sprouts everywhere. I planted the sprouts in my PVC homemade plant trainers and two days later they are peeking up through the soil. It was three-year-old seed and I’ve been told that onion seed germination is reduced considerably every year that passes by. Next will be bell peppers and cabbage. Oh, how, I love this time of the year.

    Have a great day in the fall garden.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. Steamed and smothered in cheese sauce is also super delish! I also like to grate it and use it in summer salads – like a coleslaw. It is great you managed to get your onion seeds to germinate. I always like to use fresh seed as it is so disheartening when they don’t come up. I hope they turn into a bumper crop. : o)

    1. She is lovely. If not a little loud in the middle of the night when she decides to come looking for us! It has been a great year for peppers and chillies. I think every season there is something we all forget to plant – not matter how much we wanted to grow it! : o)

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