Mostly Pictures

… And a few words to go with them.   The mornings are turning out to be quite productive as the cooler starts stretch well into the day before the heat drives me indoors again.  The temperature is still getting up to 30C in the garden in the hottest part of the afternoon. But it isn’t just the pleasant working conditions that make gardening great, the … Continue reading Mostly Pictures

Hot and Dry

At this time of year, the harvest settles down to a trickle.   And the immediate demands from the garden aren’t nearly as intense as they were a month ago.  Now that we are passed the autumn equinox it is easy to get a little complacent, especially now the mornings are getting a little chilly and there is a heavy dew on the grass.  But then … Continue reading Hot and Dry

Ending the year with a virus – how appropriate!

I have a disease in my garden.  I noticed it a few days ago and toyed with the idea of ignoring it, in the hopes that it will go away.  However knowing how dramatically another virus that shall remain nameless has wreaked havoc all over the place, the last thing I need is the little world that is my garden to be devastated and require … Continue reading Ending the year with a virus – how appropriate!

The state of the Garden   Part Two of Three (or possibly four)

I just wanted to quickly fill you with what I’ve done in the garden so far this year, and to be honest it didn’t feel like much, but when it came to writing it down I created a mountain of words and so decided for everyone’s sake it would be better to break it up a wee bit.  If I had my wits about me … Continue reading The state of the Garden   Part Two of Three (or possibly four)

Change of plans…  again

But that is the beauty of the garden – it is completely forgiving.  Plans can be made, but nothing is set in concrete – except the things actually set in concrete like fence posts!  Over the last year I have spent ages pouring over my plans, making adjustments, then working on the crop rotation and then hoping to never have to plan again.  It can … Continue reading Change of plans…  again

It’s time to call it quits

I feel like I’ve been flogging a dead horse for the last few months and this morning’s heavy frost was the final straw. We are 10 days out from winter so I’m just kidding myself.  The peppers weren’t going to give me my bumper harvest anytime soon.  They needed to come out. Due to the dreadful summer we had the peppers never did very well … Continue reading It’s time to call it quits

Blast from the Past: Autumn is doing what Autumn does

… But it is doing it without me!  My super secret project is still  keeping me indoors bashing out words on my  keyboard and I looking out my window at another clear blue sky day and sighing.  It is perfect gardening weather….  sigh.   My poor garden is definitely entering the neglected phase.  But I tell myself only 10 more days and then I can … Continue reading Blast from the Past: Autumn is doing what Autumn does

It is still early days but…

While summer is still many moons away, I have taken a few steps that create a tenuous thread that links the cold wet miserableness of today with the hot, heady endless days of late summer.  I sowed my pepper seeds.   I normally do this with great fanfare on the 1st of August, however this year I was somewhat detained by the warm sea and sun … Continue reading It is still early days but…