Out of sorts

It is the beginning of midwinter with just over 60 days until spring – not that I’m counting and as I look around the garden not all is as it seems.

winter sunflowers
I love my winter sunflowers. I really would never have imagined there would be such a thing.

There are the usual midwinter things like onion seedlings still trying to stand up, a vast array of brassica doing their thing and garlic growing from strength to strength.  There are empty beds, some that need a refresh for the new season and some that are all ready and waiting.

Ordinarily that would be it for the goings on in the garden but alas no… there are other things from other seasons that surprise me with their presence.  I have spring things and summer things blooming side by side in a season that isn’t theirs!

Come again soon – this winter is a crazy season.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

5 thoughts on “ Out of sorts

  1. It would not seem strange at all if I did not consider where all of this is. For us, the narcissus would be late, and sunflower a bit early, but that is all.

  2. Sarah, 101 days until the first frost. We are in the middle of summer with harvesting about to begin. Every thing looks well enough but there’s always a chance of weather, varmints, or pests that can bring down the garden. It been hot and dry here in Nebraska and lots of garden watering has had to take place. There’s been more windy days than usual and plants were whipped a few time but survived through it quite well.

    Have a great garden planning day.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. My biggest challenge is the wind. But I will navigate my way around it eventually. And once you find out what varmint you have it makes it easier to keep them out of the garden. I think each season is just a continual refinement and one day – we will have the perfect season. Enjoy your summer garden. : o)

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