Winter Spuds

It’s been three days since I last put my fingers to my keyboard and came up with a tale about my garden.  The gardening competition finished on Sunday and my last blog (number 112) was posted on their site.   The winners will be announced on the 4th July – wish me luck!

I must say it has been nice not to have to blog every day and I relaxed properly on Monday without thinking about the garden.  I don’t think I even went out there.  On Tuesday – thoughts entered my head.  Not just any thoughts – Gardening thoughts!  I tried to brush them away – I don’t need to do this anymore, but they kept coming back.  It was an awful day to garden – it was raining heavily and was freezing – doing anything garden related would be madness.

Then last night I had a dream that not only formulated a project (where I could stay dry) it also included most of the words and photos to write about it.  I guess now the only way to get it out of my head is to do it!  So what did I dream?


The other day we got to the bottom of the bag of potatoes we harvested in the summer.  All that is left is a bowl of tiny little tiddlers – that I guess we could roast and eat like popcorn next time we watch a movie!

Tiddler Spuds - All that's left from Summer

Before we got completely to the dust and dirt at the bottom of the bag I grabbed 3 spuds that had started to sprout – I don’t know why – force of habit really… they might get used at some point?  Now this is where my dream comes in, I must plant those three spuds.

Sprouting Desiree maincrop spuds

The problem is doing it in the ground is out of the question.  The last lot was supposed to be harvested on the 18th July.  I know you’re not supposed to grow them in the winter – but the seed potatoes were cheap in an end of season “reduced to clear bin” – I had to buy them.    They started off well as the summer didn’t seem to want to end, but then the rains came – and haven’t stopped and my spuds rotted away.

Where the last spuds were - now a soggy boggy mess!

So in my dream I put them in rolled down black sacks with holes poked in the bottom for drainage.  We should have a few hanging about because the council changed our rubbish collection from pre-paid stickers with black sacks to these pre-paid yellow bags that are a third the size – Grr.  But Hubby the Un-Gardener informs me we have no black sacks left.  I need to improvise.  What about the feed bags the firewood came in – that’ll do!  (Mental note to self:  order another load of firewood)

Empty feed back - rolled down

So all I have to do is assemble the lot and keep them in the greenhouse for 140 days (until November 14) – topping up as they grow. Simple!

Planting the spuds
And now I wait

So now I have pink Desiree maincrop potatoes to add to my Winter Indoor Summer Garden Experiment – alongside the tomatoes, pepper, chilli and eggplant.

Tomato plants in winter - with Tomatoes on it!

Come again soon – winter is just getting started – I wonder what other crazy projects I can do.

Sunflower in winter - in the greenhouse

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

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