It’s been a bit of a broken week….

I keep breaking things!  I broke a blueberry, a new tool, broke my budget, broke a nail and very nearly broke Hubby the Un-Gardener!

There are blossoms everywhere
There are blossoms everywhere

Spring is really starting to kick in, the days are getting much warmer, although a sudden breeze can drop the temperature quite dramatically in a matter of minutes, and we’ve had a couple of frosts.  Having learnt from previous years that all seeds have different germination and growth rates, and it is much better to wait until after the safe planting date – which is still a month away, I’m actually enjoying the preparation this spring.

I have staggered my sowings and so each short burst is a pleasure.  In the past when I have sat down to sow everything at once I get a bit fed up with it towards the end and instead of gently placing seeds – I just lob them in, especially the tiny ones.  I still have two more batches of seeds to sow – the Zukes, squash and pumpkins because once they pop up their growth seems to be exponential and outgrow their pots before it is safe to plant them outside.  The last lot to go in will be the ones that like to be sown direct, so hopefully by the time they pop up; all risk of frost will have past.

The digging and weeding, is coming along nicely.  There isn’t much to do as I managed to keep things largely under control over the winter.  Although there is one bed that still looks very much like a jungle and I seem to be putting it off.  I even started to weed the overgrown raspberries, until they started to bite me back… those things have prickles!  I have stopped working on the raspberries until I get some better gloves – my poor hands are in tatters!

I was a couple of days late taking this month's photo, but you can see how much has changed since....
I was a couple of days late taking this month’s photo, but you can see how much has changed since….
... Last month
… Last month

Most of the digging is to raise the bed levels now they have a new wooden layer on them and that’s a job for Hubby the Un-Gardener.  I’m just a poor wee thing and would never have it done on time.  Today I nearly broke him – well the wheelbarrow is definitely broken now and so he is using a hand trolley and a large plastic rubbish bin to move my dirt.  I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and get him to use the dirt in the part of the pile that I want to move the Jerusalem Artichokes to… therefore I can re-plant in a hurry before they start to sprout (last minute decision) and he can fill a bed at the same time.  But he misunderstood me and almost completely filled the nearest bed with soil from the wrong place.  He was not impressed when I told him.  Poor guy – he’s really knackered tonight!

One of the jobs I had been putting off for a long time was to move the last blueberry into a raised bed, to get it out of the damp soil, so I carefully dug it out – only I didn’t get all of it.  I only got the top half.  The roots are still somewhere lurking in among the muddy sticky soil – opps!  I raced out and bought a new one that was about the same size so no-one will ever know – except for the fact there is a blueberry bush in a jar of water in the greenhouse, pretending to be a giant cutting!

Do you think this bush will grow new roots?
Do you think this bush will grow new roots?

When I went shopping for the blueberry bush all kinds of gardening related paraphernalia somehow jumped into my trolley.  I honestly didn’t see that coming – I had a very short list – irrigation connectors for my potato irrigation and a blueberry.  How I came home with all this other stuff I’m not quite sure – but it cost an arm and a leg!

One of the things I bought was a handy dandy grass cutter scissor type tool; because my new lawn mower doesn’t get as close to the beds as the old mower and the beds were looking quite scruffy.  It was such a fun tool to use, but I got a bit carried away and broke it the very next day – opps!  Well it was the bottom of the line, because I wasn’t sure it would work.  Now that I know that it does, I’ll get a better one when I take my broken one back to the store.

Even Hubby the Un-Gardener thought my grass cutter tool was fun to use!
Even Hubby the Un-Gardener thought my grass cutter tool was fun to use!

I have planted out my potatoes so they should be ready for Christmas day, and then I set up a soaker hose irrigation system for when the weather gets a lot hotter and drier – although I can hardly imagine that now!  I thought I’d give it a bit of test drive and plugged in the hose.  The top layer of soil didn’t seem to get damp at all, so I left if there and after a while there was all this water lying about on the ground and I couldn’t work out where it had come from, until I realised it was seeping out from under the bed.  I hope I haven’t drowned my potatoes!  That would be a disaster – a self-inflicted disaster!

Don't leave these things on too long - it can be detrimental to the health of your plants!
Don’t leave these things on too long – it can be detrimental to the health of your plants!

Come again soon – I’m so proud of how the garden is coming along, I can’t wait do another update – although I have to do the work first!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

PS:  I have a confession to make…  I’m blogging somewhere else as well as here!  I couldn’t help myself and am participating in our local NZ Yates Veggie growing challenge – for the 4th time.  I’m not trying to win it… just hanging out, because it’s a great seasonally local place to be with other gardeners doing what I’m doing at the same time!  If you want to check me out you can click >here<.  I’ll be there until late December…  But I’ll still be here too!

Quince blossoms are so lovely
Quince blossoms are so lovely

11 thoughts on “It’s been a bit of a broken week….

  1. The best kind of frantic is the kind that you are experiencing now…lots to do, lots of productive time spent doing it and an amazing sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. That PLUS you are working with Yates…you are a superwoman Sarah! We decided to go with making polytunnels with raised beds so I will let you know how that all goes. Good luck with the Yates thing, we look forwards to hearing/seeing more of you :). Double the gardening! 😉

    1. Hi there. When I stand back and look at how much I have achieved it seems really impressive – if I may say so myself! I definitely think I have broken the back of it! I still have one weedy bed and the much neglected raspberries (I’ve bought new gloves to tackle these) and then its just a bit of phaffing about to enrich and fluff the beds and its planting time…. sounds easy doesn’t it! I think there will still be a few hot baths at the end of some long days to come!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. BUT those hot baths will feel like heaven and you certainly will feel like you earned them :). Nothing like a day in the garden to make you know that you are alive :). We just spent a day outside planting some of our potted plants and it hardly looks like we did anything! Oh well…4 acres is a bit bigger than the average back yard but sometimes I wish that we only had a 1/4 acre to have to work on (especially 1/4 acre without rocks!). Your garden looks amazing! Raspberries are our nemesis as well. Our friend is about to give us some more and hopefully they last a bit longer before the possums dispatch them to raspberry heaven this year 😉

  2. Poor Hubby the Un-Gardener, no wonder he was knackered! I have the northern hemisphere’s version of the same thing and it has to be said, these un-gardeners ain’t half useful to a gal!

    1. Hi Christine. I have woken up to another incredible Saturday morning and in my head I am composing a list of things for Hubby the Un-Gardener to do today. He is completely oblivious as he is struggling to get a bit of a sleep in! I’m sure he won’t mind….
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. Ha! I was wondering what to do about the leggy zucchini plants that are growing on my kitchen window sill. Planted too early were they? I need to plant them up into bigger pots and hope they are not completely taking over the kitchen by the time the frosts are finished for the year. I’ll make a note to put the seeds into their little indoor pots earlier next year.

    1. Hi there.
      Sorry I took so long to reply to your comment. I’ve been outside making the most of the sunny weather!
      I’ll be sowing my zucchini seeds today as I found some notes from the year before last year and saw that the 1st of October was the best time to plant them. Last year I was way too early and they were pretty much beginning to bear fruit in the pots by the time Labour weekend rolled round! So today it is! I’ll keep you posted about the size they become by Labour weekend when I’ll put them in the garden.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  4. Whoops! I meant to say that I should put the seeds into pots a little later (not earlier) in 2013. Thanks for the 1 October tip. I’ll put that in my Outlook calendar right away!

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