The sweet blessing of rain.

I never in a million years would be guessed that I would be pleased to see rain, so soon after the recent weeks of heavy rain and sodden soil.  But I am.

The garden a few weeks ago...  I thought it would never dry out!
The garden a few weeks ago… I thought it would never dry out!

Just a few short weeks ago we were having the worst spring rain.  The ground was so soggy that it would only take a half hour shower to cause water to lie on the surface of the grass.  Then it stopped and things started to dry out and I breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed my spade and was finally able to start preparing the soil for the spring season.  The soil was still a little damp, but soon it would be the lovely soft crumbly spring soil that is perfect for planting into.

Only that didn’t happen, the rain was replaced with a wind – not all that strong, but persistent, and the sun while not strong and mostly hidden by high clouds, made its welcome warmth felt.  The wind and the sun worked together to dry out the soil and it was coming along nicely until I realise that they were too great a team – they had completely dried out the soil going straight from soggy to concrete in a week, completely bypassing the soft crumbly stage!

This cracking isn't supposed to happen - not so soon in the season!
This cracking isn’t supposed to happen – not so soon in the season!

Beds that were recently underwater had deep cracks in them.  They needed water – desperately. And in a way that a hose just can’t do it no matter how long it is left to sprinkle over the garden.  All day yesterday the clouds looked full with rain, but were high in the sky and just teased us by releasing a few light fluffy drops at a time that evaporated before they had time to dampen anything!

Then overnight the heavens must have opened, not in flood proportions, but just the right amount that if I hit the previously rock solid lumps of dried soil, I’m imagining they will just crumble away, leaving a perfect growing medium.  Well that is my hope as I look out the window on a dry but overcast  start to the day.  Today I’ll be digging – well maybe Hubby the Un-Gardener will be digging, and I’ll supervise.

Well I can’t do all the digging – I have to transplant my seedlings.  There are quite a few tomatoes and peppers with true leaves now and the ones I did before need bigger pots as there is still three weeks before I’m prepared to risk putting anyone outside in the open.

Luckily there is a lot of recipes for asparagus - although my favourite is simply steamed!
Luckily there is a lot of recipes for asparagus – although my favourite is simply steamed!

Then there is all the asparagus I need to harvest.  They looked like they had stalled, there were all these spears half in and half out of the ground, which hadn’t seem to have moved in a week, so I thought I’d give it a bit of a feed and sprinkled goodness all about, watered it in as their bed was cracking too, and I then thought no more about it.  The next morning the asparagus had gone nuts.  There was a forest – the ones in suspended animation had found the will to grow, but there was also all these other ones that weren’t there before at all!  And they haven’t let up since…  I wonder how much longer it will be before the family get sick of asparagus!

The colourful flowers beginning to show themselves in my first attempt at flower gardening
The colourful flowers beginning to show themselves in my first attempt at flower gardening

Come again soon – I’ve been doing a bit of horticultural healing.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

9 thoughts on “The sweet blessing of rain.

  1. We gardeners are always on the wrong side of the fence at any given time! We have been planting out our precious potted babies like maniacs knowing that we have a short window of opportunity before our soil sets like concrete as well. After that we have to change our tack and paint the deck. For now we are shoving plants in all over the place! One day the son and heir is going to have to fight his way through a jungle complete with monkeys just to check the mail at the front gate! 😉 As we have taken to saying “not in our lifetime!” ;). It’s the middle aged gardeners creed 🙂 “Bring on the Sequoia giganteum at the front gate babe…” 😉

    1. Hi
      School holidays have guaranteed normal spring weather resumes! Its raining again! Not a heavy rain – just enough of a drizzle to keep kids inside and bored! At least I can console myself the soil is goring to be workable again!
      You may need to order those monkeys on-line – maybe at Amazon. com!!! hehehe
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. I love your colourful flowers – very cheerful! What are those green/brown plants on the righthand side, I don’t recognize them. Enjoy your weather! We had our first frost last week.

    1. Hi Christine.
      The strange green pom-pom like plants are actually Sweet Williams on the verge of flowering. I sowed them from seed last year, so this will be the first time they flower for me and I remember them having such a wonderful scent.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. Home grown asparagas! Yum. I am still waiting for them to come into season. I had a lunch dish at Zinc in Hamilton recently – fresh asparagas spears with what they called a 62 degree egg on top. Food heaven.

    1. Hi there.
      Egg and asparagus are the best of friends. They go so well together. We’ve been having asparagus and poached eggs for breakfast and it seems so decadent!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi there.
      I have more asparagus than I know what to do with and every morning we are faced with even more! When I look at the price in the supermarket I feel a smug satisfaction as I walk right past!
      Cheer Sarah : o )

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