Hubby the Un-Gardener curbed my enthusiasm.

He was right to do so too, but don’t tell him.  Having had no luck with finding instructions for assembling my greenhouse online, I decided to contact the company and ask for help.  They were amazing.  The greenhouse is old.  The lovely people who gave it to me had it in storage for eleven years and I’m not sure how long they were using it before that.  But the lovely man at Eden Greenhouses emailed me instructions straight away and reassured me that if there was anything else I needed to let him know.
The key to it all!  Hooray!
The key to it all! Hooray!
 The email was only minutes old when I sent it to the printer and then raced out to the shed with the crisp fresh pieces of paper.  Yay I can build my greenhouse, finally.  It has been waiting in the shed for me for months.  I pushed junk and clutter aside and cleared myself some space and hauled out the first bundle of aluminium frames.  They were all such weird shapes across the width.  Clutching my instructions I began to figure out which part was which and labelling them with masking tape and marker pen.  I was just beginning to recognise brace from bracket when Hubby the Un-Gardener came into the shed.
Getting to know your greenhouse with "hello my name is..." labels.
Getting to know your greenhouse with “hello my name is…” labels.
 “Sarah the Gardener you can’t work in this mess!”  He made me stop and help him clear up the shed.  We tidied and sorted and threw stuff out – although I rescued some stuff from the chuck out pile.  It would appear I’m a secret hoarder – so secret that even I didn’t realise it. We stacked and restacked, swept and tidied some more until the sun sank in the sky and we couldn’t see anymore.
I'm sure I could construct a greenhouse in this bit of space I've cleared!
I’m sure I could construct a greenhouse in this bit of space I’ve cleared!

The last thing Hubby the Un-Gardener did was pull out all the aluminium frame bundles, and lay them down in what would be my work area.  I was so excited.  They are all there waiting for me.  But still I wait.  Hubby the Un-Gardener wants us to sort out one more area so that I can work safely. Bless him for his concern, but I am impatient and want to get on.  How can I bear to wait just one more day….

Come again soon – I’ll be building my new greenhouse in a clean, tidy and safe shed.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

6 thoughts on “Hubby the Un-Gardener curbed my enthusiasm.

  1. how exciting! Greenhouses are awesome. We have a small one we set up in the winter. I don’t know what we would do without it. Can’t wait to see it set up! Good luck!

    1. Hi Erin. Greenhouses make gardening so much better, especially when you grow from seed.
      I started out with a tiny two shelf plastic one that quickly became too small, and then I had a series of greenhouse upgrades with each one creating their own dramas along the way – mostly to do with blowing away.
      This new greenhouse is the biggest and best I’ve ever had – I can hardly wait to see it set up myself!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. This is a long shot as you posted this years ago…but I have been trying to find those exact greenhouse instructions online with no luck…do you happen to still have a copy of them on email?!

    1. Hi Rachael. You are in luck. It would seem I am a digital hoarder and found it easily in a quick search! I’ll send it to you. All the best with it, it was quite easily to put together with only minor frustrations! Cheers Sarah : o)

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