I have assembled something!

With a burning desire to actually build something I thought the new potting bench would be a quick fix to satisfy that need.  There weren’t too many pieces – I could knock it off in no time.  And I would have – had it not been cheap for a reason.  It was all coming together nicely and efficiently right up until the last piece – a supporting bracket.  Its partner slotted in easily and perfectly into place.  This rogue piece just didn’t fit and I had to hack at it with my trusty Swiss army knife.  Let’s just say it fits now and say no more about it.  But the bench itself looks great and will look awesome in the new greenhouse – hopefully sooner rather than later.   

Not a bad looking potting bench
Not a bad looking potting bench

Then I took to the rooster and sorted him out and now he looks decidedly edible.  I feel good about this in a strange way.  Normally we put our excess roosters on a website called ‘freestuff’ and someone else takes care of them.  This was our residual city slicker shining through.  But we are country folk now and so that’s what you do … so I did it.  The kids aren’t so sure about him being edible and so we are trying to explain that it is no different from shop chicken – except they haven’t looked shop chickens in the eye.  The proof will be in the eating.

Looks just like a bought one
Looks just like a bought one

Then I checked out all the seeds I set up to test for germination rates.  I surprised myself.  I threw out a lot of seeds packets.  This is not like me.  I was ruthless!  Anything with less than half of the seeds growing were gone.  Out of there.  I fear I may not have given some enough time, but time is precious and we can’t wait all day! Then I went out and replaced the seeds that failed but I really wanted to grow.  The rest of the discarded ones have created gaps in the garden that can be filled with the new and exciting.

Not such a great result here - but all in all an awesome test to check seeds, rather than waiting for them to pop out of the soil in the growing season.
Not such a great result here – but all in all an awesome test to check seeds, rather than waiting for them to pop out of the soil in the growing season.

Then I wrote my list.  I included the above activities on my list so I could cross them off and have a sense of achievement instead of an overwhelming to do list that seemed insurmountable in the time I have before spring.  So just quickly so I can be held accountable publically, this is my list:

  1. Sheet mulch new bed with cardboard.  This needs to be done sooner rather than later if it is to kill the grass and weeds before it is needed in the spring.  I may do it in the rain.
  2. Build new greenhouse  – I just need to get on with this or there will be nowhere for my new seedlings to go.
  3. Sort out lamb shelter, build a fence and get some hay for a surprise blog for next week (you never saw this item – shhhh)
  4. Build potting bench – done.
  5. The raspberries need support posts and an irrigation system – I am determined to do this well this year.
  6. The strawberries need a sensible netting system to protect the berries from the birds – something I can use year after year that won’t cost the earth and will work wonders.  I don’t ask for much.
  7. Sort out rooster – done!
  8. The orchard needs mowing again
  9. The garden also needs mowing again
  10. There are weeds in my flower bed I can hardly see the daffodils.
  11. There are weed everywhere – they all need to be gone to make way for the spring.
  12. Check seed supplies and organise new ones if needed – done!
  13. Sow tomatoes and melons and brassicas, carrots, peas and okra… hopefully in new greenhouse.
  14. The soft fruits need their teeny tiny beds extended as they are a real pain to mow around.
  15. Start potatoes chitting before the end of the month so the Jersey bennes will be ready in time for Christmas.
  16. There are some trees in orchard on a serious lean. This wet weather is just what I need to help straighten out these young ones and bend them to my will.
  17. Make rosehip something – anything.  At this point your guess is as good as mine.
  18. Shrub cuttings… There is a shrub flourishing in a shady place that is ripe for taking cuttings to make more shrubs to fill in gaps in other shady places.
  19. Plan and prepare a new bed beside deck for the lavender.  I will need Hubby the Un-Gardener to help with this one.

Not too bad… that’s about a task a day.  I need to stay focussed and push on – no matter what.  I shall become a lean mean list ticking machine.

Come again soon – I may just have to work in the rain.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

13 thoughts on “I have assembled something!

    1. Hi Lucinda. Weeding can be a real slog, but it is really good for motivation to keep going as you can clearly see where you have been and it looks great.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  1. What a lovely bench! It turned out well.

    And I like how #14 seems innocent enough…but you end up with more garden space as a result – my kind of sneaky 😉

    1. Hi There. I’d long since given up making my land grabs sneaky and am now quite brazen about it: “Hubby the Un-Gardener, I’ve pinched some space and I need you to dig it so I can use it in two weeks!”
      I’m now thinking that I could put a new plant in each of the extended soft fruit beds so at this point that is another 4 or 5 plants… hehehehe… sneaky!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. We have a trusty Swiss Army knife in our house as well – it’s invaluable! Potting bench looks good.

    Rosehip syrup? Seem to remember that being poured onto rice pudding at school lunch and was very nice. Not sure how easy/hard it is to make though.

    BTW if you highlight the completed bits of your list and then use the ‘strike through’ button on the reader, you will be able to illustrate your completion of list items much more dramatically 🙂 Mud uses it on his ‘List of jobs to do to Ciggy before MOT’ to great affect – makes him feel so good about his progress 😉

    1. Hi Elaine. Thanks for the advice. I have a copy of my list on an excel spreadsheet and change the colour to grey when the job is done, so it is still there, but not – so I can see how far I have come. I like to look at it often to keep me focused. So far it seems to be working well.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Jean. There is nothing like a list to keep you going. Without the list I was just drifting aimlessly, achieving very little. I am now a great fan of a good list.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Wendy. I think it was our graduation into real country living. It takes a lot to do it so lucky I’m not a squeamish girly girl. But we needed to step up and take responsibility. We allowed the situation to occur by letting the chickens have babies – although they are very determined chickens, and so we needed to handle the situation respectfully, and was rewarded with really yummy meal. Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. We don’t have roosters for this reason, we’re both softies lol. But in saying that we do often discuss whether we should grow for eating, it makes alot of sense and the next step up really so good on you.

        1. Hi Wendy. I thought of you instantly when I heard about todays earthquake. I hope you and Roger are both safe and well. Stay strong and be brave.
          Sarah : o ) xxx

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