How has it come to this?

We are almost halfway through Assembly August and I haven’t assembled anything!

This is as close as I'll be getting to the garden!
This is as close as I’ll be getting to the garden!

To give me a little bit of credit, I have stripped down the greenhouse and removed all the bolts.  I now have to clean it and then start to put it together and I have kicked off the growing season by sowing my peppers, I’ve winter washed my orchard and the rains have finally returned and I am grateful for the quenching of my thirsty plants, but it is really hampering my ability to do stuff.  Especially with the wind and the thunder and lightning.

What am I supposed to do with these????
What am I supposed to do with these????

But now I’m making excuses, when I should be making lists.  Last months list was so amazingly awesome for me to get things done, that I shall to sit down and create a plan for what remains of August and get stuff done.

I also need to add a few unexpected things to the list, like a large bag of rosehips that showed up on my door step loaded with anticipation and expectation that I will be able to create something wonderful, and I need to pluck a rooster.

A brassica bounty
A brassica bounty

So tomorrow will begin with a new determination to get things done and there will be a list.  No more wandering aimlessly through a month that is passing us by quicker than I realise.

Come again soon – Oh the things I’ll be able to tell you I’ve done!

Sarah the  Gardener  : o )

9 thoughts on “How has it come to this?

    1. Hi Erin. I’d love to send you some of the rain, however we only got what we needed and it went away again. It was so miserable that is seemed impossible that we would ever see the sun again. But there it was the next day, shining it’s little heart out!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  1. They promised us rain – again – over the weekend and I’m still waiting.

    I’ve had to cart full watering cans all over the school garden, as even the beds were drying out. Thankfully I have an extremely long hosepipe at home which reaches to the end of the garden and so watering at home has been a bit easier. Mind you I don’t want it too damp on account of tomatoes starting to ripen …….

    1. Hi Elaine. It’s funny how sometimes we have selective memories. I only have a vague recollection of the arduous task that summer watering is. Luckily this allows us to throw ourselves into the new season completely oblivious to the chores that lie ahead. (But we do like it… a little bit!)
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi there. That sounds so lovely to be warm and dry, reading or knitting, however I still seem to find myself gardening busy – even on the inside. But it is exciting and I love it.
      I’d love to find the time to knit some nice thick socks to keep my feet warm in the winter as the ones from the stores just don’t seem to last. Maybe next winter.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. Lists are the best especially if they are the sort that get done.
    I’m not too sure about all of those rosehips but I do know that the seeds make excellent itching powder.

    1. Hi Tracy. I seem to be making great progress on my list. Without it I was kind of drifting without making real progress. I think I must just be a list kind of girl.
      I have heard of the itching powder from rosehips, not sure if I want to share that kind of knowledge with the kids though.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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