Tape measures are wasted on me!

As far as construction goes, not a lot has happened, however there has been a lot of thinking and procurement.

I swung by our local hardware store and ordered 90 more pavers, some building sand and weed mat.  To be honest, I’m not sure if I have too many or not enough as I tried to figure it all out on paper, but every time I tried I came out with a different number.  So I took an average of all the answers and so 90 pavers it was.  They were only a dollar each so if I need ten more it is no biggie, and if I have too many then I can make a lovely path.

This looks about right....  hopefully
This looks about right…. hopefully

Then I started to think, how on earth am I going to attach the greenhouse to the pavers as I want it to sit on top of them.  The old greenhouse had the pavers on the inside, but the weeds were able to grow into it and took over.  Lesson learnt there.  I even want to have a wide enough paver edge around the outside so I can mow nicely around it.

I got out the tape measure and measured the greenhouse and then went out to the location to mark out where the greenhouse would sit.  However this was a bit problematic as to get a truly square and true plan you need string lines and levels and technical stuff.  Bamboo poles and rope aren’t going to cut it.  So I laid out some pavers down one width and length and played with the orientation of the pavers to get a good fit.  Then I took the tape measure and laid it along the length, locked it in place and went in the shed and laid it beside the greenhouse to eyeball the length.  I didn’t even look at the numbers.  I could have done it with a long stick!

While this gives clarity as to many pavers I'll need it also tells me we are far from level with the soil base!
While this gives clarity as to many pavers I’ll need it also tells me we are far from level with the soil base!

So I did a bit of thinking and decided the system to support the old greenhouse was effective enough to repeat, which was to set it upon wood and then sink some posts in the corners with concrete, attach the wooden base and then set the greenhouse upon the wood and screw it in securely.

This meant getting the tape measure out again.  I measured up the sides of the greenhouse again and even got Hubby the Un-Gardener to check and we both came up with different lengths.   Seriously at this point builders and technically minded people will be rolling their eyes!   So we decided to go long and l head off to the timber yard and ordered my too long wood, which was cut precisely by the lovely man at the store who then lifted it onto the roof of the car and I strapped it up tight.  I surprized myself by managing to get home without risking my life or the lives of others!

The wooden base board is a perfect fit!...  once I cut the ends off!
The wooden base board is a perfect fit!… once I cut the ends off!

Once home I popped the wood under the greenhouse and marked off the exact excess and the next step is to cut it off.  Then I will take the wood and line it up on site so I can get an exact idea of how big it will be and where it will go and mark the spot where I need to dig the holes for the posts.

Like I said – tape measures are wasted on me – but it will all work out in the end… hopefully.

Come again soon – I have been given a hydroponic system to try out and can’t wait to give it a whirl!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

12 thoughts on “Tape measures are wasted on me!

    1. Hi there. Yeah… umm… I’m never one to follow instructions properly, but I do get there in the end. I’m so excited too and really want to get it finished…
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi There. Nothing in my garden is ever straightforward. The important thing is to laugh at yourself although often after having a little cry!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Lucinda. You must find my efforts amusing. I really don’t seem to get on with measuring. I find I work better by doing or I spend to long planning, only to find I got it wrong and have to figure it out as I go anyway!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Virginia. I did see your blog last year but completely forgot about it. I love the anchor blocks, but I don’t know if we have them here. The other thing I noticed is you used 9 bags of sand. I have a bigger greenhouse and only got 4 bags. I’m going to need to get some more I think! and I super love your shelves! I was thinking of building some and using the tracks from the old greenhouse to attach the lower shelves to make it adjustable…. at the moment it is just a thought.
      I have to build the greenhouse base up as going down would mean the greenhouse would flood in winter and spring!
      Thanks for sharing.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. Adjustable shelves is a great idea. I had some plants poking through the shelf above. We did about 2 inches of sand over the weed blocker. That is the usual recommended amount and it’s enough to help make it level.

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