Raindrops the size of golf balls

Ok…  I may be exaggerating a little bit.  But it was driving rain on and off all day.  Mostly on.  I was so determined to push on with my greenhouse build that I even dressed like an ocean going fisherman in big thick wet weather gear, but it was too cumbersome and combined with the wet and the mud it was impossible.

That's it folks....  four measly pavers!
That’s it folks…. four measly pavers!

So I tried working between the drops – watching from the dry side of a window, I would race out in the brief breaks between the rain and lay a paver.  I laid four before I gave up on that plan.  Then I decided to do an inside project.  I started work on a job that once you start you can’t stop until you are finished and guess what happened.  It stopped raining the whole time I was doing my project.  A whole two hours!  The sun even started to shine!  I watched from the window in frustration.  Guess what happened the moment I stopped…  The rain started again!   Oh my goodness.  We have hardly any rain for months and the moment I want to do an outside project I’m completely thwarted!

So filled with frustration and hope that things will improve – I shall figure something out…  Maybe Hubby the Un-Gardener will set up a gazebo over my project if I ask him really nicely.  I really need to do something – the plants on my windowsills are getting desperate and spring is in two days!

Come again soon – hopefully I wouldn’t have gone crazy from sheer frustration!

Sarah the Gardener  :  o )

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