Come and see what is going on in my spring garden

Now that spring is being all springy and doing what it should, I have been out in the garden getting it all ready.  I have been digging and weeding and weeding and digging and a lot of sowing and growing.

Join me in a short tour of my veggie patch to check out what I have been up to.

Come again soon – there is only two weeks until the big planting out day, and there still loads to be done!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

6 thoughts on “Come and see what is going on in my spring garden

    1. Hi Virginia. We get to the point where its “Oh no… we have to eat artichokes again” but our season seems to be quite short so it is a spring treat. However we can’t serve them as part of the main meal as one of my kids is allergic to them. Apparently it is quite common to be allergic to artichokes but not many people eat them so it isn’t all that common. Cheers Sarah : o )

  1. I was waving to Stevie-boy this morning as he headed off early to help some friends who are moving to Germany to finish packing their shipping container and looked down on my big artichoke and saw…a choke! My very first one and I almost fainted with joy on the spot. It grew all by itself, no coaxing or feeding or anything. All I did was put 3 tyres around it to protect it from the chooks and the wallabies who were competing to tunnel mine into the stem. It recovered well (considering not much was left of it) and grew through winter and voila…artichokes for narf. My most favourite luxury food 🙂 LOVE how your garden is going and this year I have planted seeds! I am dead chuffed at myself and for the help that I have gotten through amazing gardeners like yourself who take the time to share what you have learned. Can’t wait to see the big planting day 🙂

    1. Hi Fran.
      Artichokes are so good. We had some last night on the BBQ cooked in butter with a squeeze of lemon juice towards the end. Sooo good! Did the same with some asparagus. Isn’t it a fab world when you just have to eat loads and loads of luxury veggies to the point you actually get sick of them! Non-gardeners just don’t know what they are missing!
      We have more rain… according to the boffins it is for the next 10 days but I’m choosing not to believe them! I hope your weather is nicer… Cheers S : o )

      1. Overcast but no rain yet (but it is getting darker so I reckon it is just a matter of minutes). I just checked and my little purple artichokes are all up! I plan on having artichokes all over the place here. I love how they look and they are hardy as stick and delicious to boot AND perennials…whats not to love? 🙂 SO with you on the asparagus and artichokes etc. I have asparagus everywhere at the moment as the birds dumped the seeds everywhere back when dad was alive (and didn’t “do” gardening so this place was a jungle!) so we keep discovering new “beds” of asparagus down in the garden 😉 enjoy that rain as soon it will be hot and dry and we will both have to complain about how dry and hot it is 😉

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