PHOTO DAY 19: Double

Brief:  Today, you and your camera are seeing double.  Double can be interpreted in many ways.

I have two sets of kids gardening tools to let the kids know they are welcome in the garden anytime – just so long as they aren’t just there to eat all my hard work!

(For the record – I can count, I just didn’t like my photos for day 18 so will redo them tomorrow)

kids rakes
Let kids garden beside you. It is very important in this day and age that kids know where their food actually comes from!
kids rakes on a jaunty angle
kids rakes on a jaunty angle. Make gardening a fun experience for kids – not a tedious one.

3 thoughts on “PHOTO DAY 19: Double

  1. I prefer to use Photoshop to make doubles, great fun ;). If I waited for my kids to come out and help me in the garden I would be lost in the undergrowth forever! 😉

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