I thought it was going to snow.

It even looks cold
It even looks cold

Oh my gosh it was so cold!  The temperature plummeted this afternoon to 8.5°C.  While that may not be cold by most folks standards, it is for us!  Areas barely south of us (well areas at least 160km south east of us) got some snow.  We always miss out on the fun stuff.  We never get snow.  Well aside from the brief flurry in 2010 that some claim wasn’t even snow but graupel – a kind of almost snow.  All I’d like to do is one day build a snowman in my garden, is that too much to ask?

thermometer 8.5C
Brrr that’s cold for the middle of the afternoon

At least snow is an event.  Cold, yucky weather with miserable, cold, yucky rain is just a great big pain.  Especially when your July is cut in half and you have chores up the whazoo!   I mean, my orchard isn’t going to prune itself.  Not to mention the seedlings in the greenhouse that have to be planted out before we go, so the poor house sitter doesn’t have to worry about them.

Peas emerging
OK these peas have 10 days to get big enough to be planted into the garden – Well I won’t be doing it on the day we leave… Imagine it – me in the garden planting peas with the family in the car tooting the horn and shouting “we’ll miss the flight!!!”

The strawberries need to be sorted out.  I need to dig up the three year old plants and replace them with new plants, and weed around the 1 and 2 year old plants.  However this is not going to be pleasant as the soil temperate is currently sitting around 10°C.  But it needs to be done and I’ve only got 11 days to do it in.  So I shall be out there some time in the next few days getting on with it whatever the weather!  I must be mad.

Leek seedlings
Not to mention the forest of leeks that need to be planted in time for the Spring Leek Festival. At this rate it will be late spring!

I still have to prune my summer and autumn fruiting raspberries and that means looking for and finding the label that came with them because if I remember rightly, it’s not straightforward.  I have a vague idea where it might be.  At least I don’t have to scrabble around in the freezing soil for this one, but they have prickles.  The most annoying prickles because they are so fine that you know you’ve been got but you’re not sure where because you can’t really see them, until the next day.  Then you have all these little red dots up your arms where your body is trying to signal to you “Get the needle and dig here!” If they weren’t so delicious they would be too annoying to take care of.  The things we do.

On the bright side - the spuds are up!
On the bright side – the spuds are up!

Finally I have some cover crops that need to be dug in.  If I leave it until they get back they will have chucked their seeds all about the place and made the transition from the beneficial helper to the malevolent weed.  Digging in cold weather makes your muscles ache even more.  But needs must.  I will thank myself for it later.  But for now I shall just moan a little.

strawberry plant in winter
It’s one thing to eat yummy strawberries in warm weather, but who will help me sort them out in the cold?

So aside from those few chores and there aren’t that many really, and writing a couple of articles and giving a couple of talks, all I have to do is pack and this time in two weeks it will all be over and I shall be sunning myself on a lounger drinking a mojito, and thinking about giving my next talk.

Come again soon – I maybe mad or crazy, but I’ll get it done.  I hope.  There seems to be truth in the expression “ask a busy person…”

Sarah the Gardener  : o )


8 thoughts on “I thought it was going to snow.

  1. LOL, half a world apart and yet you are celebrating the sight of the first leaves of your potatoes, whilst here in Mudville we’ve just eaten the first home grown new potatoes of the year 😁

  2. Brrrh .. Hubby told me it isn’t going to get higher than 10 today. Cripes .. Sounds like you have loads to do Sarah! I must think about planting leeks later. Have fun in that wonderful garden of yours! 😃

    1. Hi Julie. At least the sun is shining. Despite the chaos in the garden I can see it is starting to come together. I think I need tight deadlines every month! Cheers Sarah : o )

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