It’s a bit chilly

This has been the coldest winter that I can remember.  I am trying really hard not to complain, because it could be worse.  It could be raining and miserable.  We have had about 5 frosts in a row.  This is a good thing for a gardener.  It is great for building great soil structure by breaking up the lumps and any pests and disease lingering in the cracks and crevices hoping for a mild winter are taken down a peg or two.

Chilled leeks
Chilled leeks

It is about as cold as it gets around here and the upside of it all is the incredibly gorgeous blue sky days that come with the ice.  Have a look at what a cold winter morning looks like around here:

Come again soon – We’re about half way through winter and spring is just around the bend and before you know it I’ll be sowing the seeds of a new season.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

14 thoughts on “It’s a bit chilly

    1. Hi Jasper. Frosts can be so lovely – if you don’t think too much about the cold! I imagine you would get way more than we do. One winter we didn’t get any at all. Not long to go until spring – about 6 weeks!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  1. Hi Sarah .. gosh 5 frosts in a row. That is amazing. Hubby said that we had 2 back to back in Auckland, but followed by stunning days. Of course as would be expected some of the garden has been hammered. Have a wonderful ‘warm’ time away.

    1. Hi Julie. We don’t normally have so many. I’m trying to think of it as a blessing in that it is killing pests and disease, but it has killed my overwintering chili in the greenhouse and the tomato now looks a little peaky. I’m hoping for milder weather soon. The warm break will be enjoyed by I shall probably have one eye on the weather at home.
      Take care. Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. We so rarely get decent frosts, so I’m not up on the benefits. It’s interesting to know that it benefits the soil. I’m sorry you are so cold, though. That’s no fun at all.

    1. Hi Alys. This comment came in when we were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so we weren’t so cold then. But now we’re home it is wet and miserable, but at least the memory of the heat of the sun on my face is still fresh. It won’t be long before it is warm here again. Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. I’m so glad you had some time away in a warm place and can carry those memories throughout your day. It’s so good to get away, but I”m often dismayed at how quickly the holiday glow is replaced by the day to day. Sigh.

        I know kitty is super glad that you’re back. How I wish you could tell them not to worry, that your absence is only temporary. One of my kitties used to punish me upon my return by staying just out of reach and meowing [subtext HOW DARE YOU LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING ME!!!] Eventually she came around, and then plastered herself to my hip. Poor baby.

        Here’s hoping for an early spring and summer, Sarah. xox

        1. Hi Alys. Luckily we are faced with the coming spring so there is plenty of exciting things to do for when the holiday glow fades.
          Toast has settled down to her usual pattern, but she was so funny for those first few days – she would try and sit on the computer while I was typing. She was never far away. Now she is just doing her usual ‘feed me’, ‘let me in’ and ‘let me out’ and sleeping in strange places routine!
          Spring is not too far away, I just need the rain to stop – I wish I could send you some.
          Cheers Sarah : o )

          1. I’m glad to hear that Toast is settling into her usual routine. My Slinky regualrly walks across my keyboard and has caused me no end of grief, trying to figure out how to get back to my starting place. She once emptied the inbox on my computer. Can you imagine?

            I’m glad to hear that spring is around the corner. And yes, it would be nice if we could collect some of your unwanted rain. We would put it right to good use.

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