Green life

In an ideal world, I would sit back and wait patiently for the water to drain away the the soil to stop making that sucking noise as it absorbs as much water as it can to store away for the long dry months to come.   But I’m impatient and this season isn’t going to wait with me.  Maybe if I just ever so gently pull a few weeds.  I’m not going to walk on the beds or anything and I won’t be doing any heavy digging.  It’ll be fine.

Weeds in soggy soil
It’s only a few weeds – it wouldn’t take much to pull them out….

If it wasn’t for the seedlings in the greenhouse that I can tinker with, I’d be lost.  They are coming along so well, I fear I’ll run out of space.  I still  have all my cucumbers, zucchinis and pumpkins to plant, as these grow too fast to start too early.  Having them hang about in pots longer than necessary will give no favours.

Greenhouse seedlings
Each day the jungle grows and takes over the empty spaces in the greenhouse.

The tomatoes I once feared had died in the frying before they’d even emerged, have put the overheating setback behind them and risen from the soil as strong seedlings.  The thing is – so have the ones I planted to cover any potential losses.  I now have twice as many as I actually need.  The funny thing (I can laugh about it now) is I carefully planned the garden this season an attempt to be organised and efficient and so everything in the the garden has it’s place and all temptation to over plant removed.   Now it will take all my self control not to think “oh one more won’t hurt” and I shall be very generous giving away all my excess this year.

Some days, as the rain beats down on the panes of glass in the greenhouse, I like to just sit there and observe.  I like to notice all the nuances of each seedling and how even within the same species the varieties can be so different. It is so hard to imagine how these tiny fragile seedlings will grow on to be such robust plants holding a great weight in fruit.   There is such wonder and awe to be gained from taking the time to watch a garden grow.

Come again soon – soggy spring will soon give way to sunny spring and we will all rejoice!

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


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