Spring back in time

More rain
You can never be as over rain as I am. I just want it to stop.

With the weather being so horrible lately with more rain than we know what to do with, I decided to go back over my previous posts from the same time of year to see what, in an ideal season, I’d be doing right now.

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Spring is in full swing

And it didn't disappoint - it was so windy it whipped about you like you were barely there at all
And it didn’t disappoint – it was so windy it whipped about you like you were barely there at all

In 2015 it was extraordinarily windy and I was cursing it and it’s gustiness.  Today I wouldn’t mind a bit of wind because it’ll dry things out a bit faster than by sunshine alone, when we see it.

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Winter you have had your turn – go away

Soon it will be safe for this tomato to hit the ground running!
Soon it will be safe for this tomato to hit the ground running!

In 2014 I was moaning again.  Apparently it was still too cold to do much, and I wasn’t very happy about it.  I think I’d even take cold over rain right now because you can still dig cold soil.  However the boffins are suggesting this October will be the hottest ever.  Yay warm rain!

Click into 2013:

What better way to ring in the warmer weather than in style

The smoky onion aroma is quite intoxicating
The smoky onion aroma is quite intoxicating

In 2013 everything was hunky dory and it was shaping up to be a perfect season.  We even celebrated the arrival of spring with a festival ‘borrowed’ from the Spanish.  People still talk about that party – oh the fun we had.  We should do it again – when it stops raining.  Why can’t all springs be like the spring of 2013?

Click into 2012:

I hate my greenhouse

This is a disaster!
This is a disaster!

In 2012 I was hopping mad.  It didn’t even matter what the weather was like, although I get the feeling it was a windy spring.   I wouldn’t have wanted to be me – or near me for that matter that day 4 years ago!  It does show how far I’ve come and I need to count my blessings.  My seedlings are safe, warm and dry and when it does clear up outside and the water drains away from my soil, I will have perfectly healthy seedlings to slip in to the beds completely unaware there was ever a problem.

Click into 2011:

You gotta love living in the country

In 2011 it wasn’t even about the garden, but shows the passing of time.  The boys took part in Calf Club at school.  They do it every year and usually raise lambs from days old and are judged on how well they have been cared for and how well they know their names and can walk about on a lead. In 2011 we had our goats Sweetie and Snowy going through their paces with surprising results!

This year Sweetie and Snowy tower above the contenders – lambs Buster and Comet who are real characters.  Although I suspect as the Joeyosaurus pushed Sweetie around the course, poor Comet will suffer the same indignity.

But the passing of time is so much more evident than the date at the top of the page, looking at the tiny goats and the very small children makes me realize just how fast the years seem to slip away.  The goats are huge and so are the boys as they enter the preteen phase of life.   So rain, wind or cold every day is an opportunity to create some kind of memory, and if it is knee deep in mud so be it!

A full greenhouse and a muddy doorway
It becomes easy to overlook the mud leading up to the greenhouse when you come inside and see the hope for the entire season laid out in front of you.

Aside from being a great trip down memory lane, it is also a great opportunity to realize every season brings its own challenges and as a result is a learning opportunity.  I can deal with a windy spring and I have devices in the shed I can bring out to protect my garden from the harsh brutality of the wind, and a cold spring is hardly a problem at all – things just take their time.  And a wet season, well I am learning patience.  At the end of the day if I’m a little bit late it won’t be the end of the world.

Of course we all hanker for that perfect spring that is cause to celebrate.  Maybe next spring will be the one.

Come again soon – I may be investigating how to grow rice in my impromptu paddy field.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


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    1. How quickly does the time go?! I think the garden helps to recognise the passing of time as we are more in tune with the seasons, otherwise it could just disappear in a big blur and we’d be old before we knew it.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

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