Mowing the Mud

We had a lovely break in the weather yesterday, and I woke up to a blue sky day.  Anything else on the to do list got cast aside and I headed out into the garden for a day of indulging my pleasure.  It was such a wonderful day and what spring should actually feel like.

The first task was not really ideal – but I wanted to do it, even though I knew I shouldn’t.  I set the mower on it’s highest setting and charged around the garden to restore some kind of order.  It isn’t ideal to mow when the grass is still very sodden, but looking out over a garden that seems overgrown because of the grass is not good for the self esteem for the gardener – especially with the last frost date less than two weeks away.  So I mowed. You can watch this foolishness here:


Today is a different day.  We’ve woken up to …  you’ve guessed it…  rain.  sigh.

Come again soon – I think I may need a good raincoat and do some gardening in the rain.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


8 thoughts on “Mowing the Mud

  1. I know some people who do that all the time because it´s their mowing day. At some point nothing is growing anymore, and the mower sounds like an old tractor.

    Your garden still looks fresh and green. When the sun comes out properly things will shoot like bamboo.

  2. Congratulations on your third book! I’m so impressed. I spotted it in your sidebar before watching your video. I thought I must have missed something. It looks terrific, Sarah.

    I’m sorry to hear of the unrelenting rain and that mud! I love your plank form of weeding. That’s impressive. Your next book might be an “exercise through gardening” primer. 😉

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