Ten Photo Tuesday

I’m knacked.  The rain has stopped – for now and the ground, while still a tad squishy underfoot in some places is for the most part dry.  So I’ve been out there making the most of it all .  I’ve been mowing grass that was probably a tad too long for the mower, but we pushed through – me and my trusty little mower.  I’ve weeded and enriched soils.  I’ve transplanted all the seedlings that needed to move into bigger pots.  I’ve begun hardening off the bigger seedlings.  I’ve helped The Joeyosaurus with his ‘pet garden.’  It was so pleasing to see he remembered what to do and had such a gentle hand with his seedlings.

I feel like I’ve done all of this against the clock – firstly, trying to get as much done as I can in case it rains again.  Secondly, this weekend it the weekend of the last frost date and so I need to get every thing ready in time.  It is madness to rush, as while it is the first day that is deemed safe to plant out my plants – it isn’t the only one, but there is a sense of tradition about it, so at the very least I’d like to get my tomatoes in.

I’ve done so much I’m quite tired so I’m off to soak my weary bones.  So sit back and enjoy my wee slideshow of the nicer parts of my day.

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I don’t know if you noticed but there were actually 11 photos because I couldn’t choose which to leave out.

Come again soon – spring is now over half way through, and summer is around the corner.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)






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  1. Glade to hear you can get gardening again. I just planted my broad beans and cauliflowers plants. I have many things to do. It’s so much fun.

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