Sector Two

I’m quite pleased with my routine schedule for the garden.  In the past, I’d wander around aimlessly until I found a chore that needed doing, couldn’t be ignored anymore or was really easy and there was no real focus.  The garden felt like an endless chore sometimes as by the time you look care of the weeds in the last bed, the first one was raging out of control.

A wonderful day
Can I dare believe that summer is actually on it’s way?

Today the weather was incredible – like nothing I could have ever imagined given the state of the previous 12 weeks or so.  It was blue skies and gentle breeze all day and it made spending time in the garden such a pleasure.  But even more so my time in the garden was bolstered with a sense of purpose.  I had to take care of Sector Two.

I started by going around the seven beds in the sector and removed all the weeds.  It hardly took any time at all as the weeds were tiny and few and far between.  Then I nipped out all the laterals on all the tomatoes, stripped all the rust off the garlic – it is a never-ending battle.   Lastly, I gave everything a bit of a feed.  And that was it.  I was able to finish up knowing while it didn’t seem like much, there was comfort in knowing next Tuesday and every Tuesday after, this bed will just need a bit of a tickle to keep it in order.

And as the sun sunk lower in the sky I ended my day by seeing what needed harvesting and filled my basket with some delicious seasonal goodies.   I do have to say as much as I love my garden, it is much easier to love when it isn’t so labour intensive.

Come again soon – I think if this weather keeps up I’m going to need a good hat and a lot of sunscreen!

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


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