Foggy Friday

I suppose it makes a change from rain, and there is something mysterious about the fog. But I half expect Scooby Doo and Shaggy to stumble out of it exclaiming “Zoikes”.  All going well it will clear to a nice blue sky day, which would be lovely as this week I have mostly been behind the computer catching up on all the things that need catching up on before the onslaught of the season kicks in.

A foggy start to the day.
A foggy start to the day. But even in the gloom the yellow of the daffodils still manage to pop.

But it isn’t like the garden is completely dormant in a winter slumber.  In the remaining days of the season spring is absolutely making itself a home.   And I’ve been doing things too:

Chitting spuds
My spuds and yams are chitting nicely in the half light.
Potato seedlings
I have potato seedlings popping up in the greenhouse. I made the mistake of grabbing a bag of seed potatoes with lots of small spuds instead of fewer larger ones, as with three per pot I have a lot of large pots in my greenhouse. They should be gone soon enough – the variety was Swift!
Seedlings and footprints
Hmmm… this looks a lot like a paw print in my seed tray…. dangerously close to my rocket…..
Pea seedlings
The peas are poking through. It is satisfying to know I can get them through to a good size to be safely planted out without them rotting in the ground because of the soggy, or stolen by rodents or nibbled by slugs and snails the moment the show their faces. Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep the birds off them and the soil needs to dry out in time to plant them out.
Pepper seedlings
The peppers that popped up in a timely manner are now off the heat mat and in the greenhouse so they can grow up in full light so they don’t get all leggy.
Pepper seedlings
Typical. All of the other pepper seedlings – the fun ones – popped up right on time between the 10 – 14 days the seed packets suggested. But the bell peppers which I’m hoping for a lot of because their fruit will be frozen to get me through the winter, hadn’t shown their faces by day 16 so I sowed more… well I wasn’t going to wait around. It is like they were waiting for me to do that, because now they are popping up all over the place. I’m going to have far too many now! It’s always the way.
Dahlia tubers
I have dahila tubers to put into pots because it would be cruel and unkind to put them into my soggy soil right now. These will be so pretty when they flower I can hardly wait.
Spring wouldn’t be spring without these cute bundles of fluff. Lambo is the one at the front. Lambo is Joeys for School Calf Club and we couldn’t just have one so we got Parsley (at the back) to keep him company. In this photo taken on Tuesday they were 2 days old.

Before long this gloomy season will be behind us and I’ll be basking in warmth eating tomatoes freshly plucked from healthy plants.   But for now the tomatoes are still in their seed packets and I’m wrapped up warm, trying to get as much preparation done as I can.

Come again soon – I’ve been building things again…

Sarah the Gardener  : o)





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  1. I was wandering the garden this morning and noticed the first asparagus spear was up! There’s not long to go now 🙂

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