It’s all staged.

Winter is a long drawn out season with limited opportunity to do some real gardening.  However, I don’t like just sit there and do nothing during these months.  I like to do things that add value to my garden space and enhance my gardening season.  Like the winter we built a compost system and wrapped a picket fence around it so it looked like a feature and not an eyesore.  It is compost after all.  You can check out that hair brained project >HERE<, >HERE< and >HERE<.   After that mammoth effort, last year’s project was much simpler and I made some cloches to keep my seedlings in the garden safe and warm.  You can check that out >HERE<.

staging plan
It looks so easy. Designing things is simple when you work with tools you understand!

So this year, when an idea came to me, I thought about it for a very long time before acting upon it, as – even while it was in my head, struck me as rather complex.  I pondered it for many weeks, before sitting down to figure it all out.  I tried to design it on pencil and paper, but I couldn’t make the 3D part work, I didn’t have the skills.  So I did what a writer does best and opened a word document on my computer and using the INSERT SHAPE function I laid out my imaginary bits of wood.  I created images from all angles and used different colours for the bits of wood with different functions.

Finally all the wood needed for the project – with the three missing lengths stacked on top!

Once it came together and all made sense, I made a paper model with lots of sticky tape so I could visualise if the 2D designs would work in 3D as I wasn’t quite sure how it would all stick together in the final stages.  Once I was happy with this, I took the designs and worked out how much wood I needed and went to the lumber yard to place my order.  They know me well there and so weren’t at all surprized when I had to call back and order a little bit more because I’d got a decimal point in the wrong place.  Possibly better to have had not enough than too much.  Imagine needing 25 metres and receiving 250 metres!

Cat and Shelves
Fennel the Cat watched the project with great interest – however, settling down for a nap where the saw could actually touch her belly on the down stroke wasn’t the best idea.

So with that hiccup easily fixed I got onto the building and construction stage and to be honest I don’t have great skill and ability here either, but I did my best and Hubby the Un-Gardener did his best.  Bless him.  And eventually after many blisters and a bandaid (not for me) the project was completed and looks awesome.  I really can’t wait to use it this spring.

Chicken and shelves
Everyone’s a critic. Even the chicken had a good look and had things to say!

Builders and those with technical abilities may not want to watch, but I recorded my creative process to show you what I built for my garden this winter.  I may not have great skill, but I have great vision.   It’s probably not so much an instructional video – more of a comedy of errors, so grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Come again soon – spring is almost a week away, then we’ll be back to the proper gardening!

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

Spoiler – Alert:

Hardening off staging
And after a lot of sweat and tears and a bit of blood, I have my outside staging to harden off my seedlings in the late spring. It won’t be long and this will be full of lovely plants that are currently still in their seed packets!


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