Seeds and bugs

The first seeds of the season have been sown, with love and care and great expectation. But then disaster struck.  Actually, it isn’t as bad as that, but it is extremely frustrating.  I have picked up some kind of cold or lurgy that has left me unable to watch over my buried seeds with the unnecessary frequency I normally do.  Those first seeds of the season are often checked 3 or 4 times a day for signs of life that often take 7 to 10 days to appear.  Frequent checking on day 3 won’t speed things up but you never know. …

Clean pots and trays
All of the pots and trays have been scrubbed and washed and couldn’t be any cleaner. Sadly I can tell you the seeds sown in October won’t be treated to such luxury as I know from experience, by then I’ll be over the wonder of it all and will just be bunging them in willy nilly!

Instead I’m trying to recover my health and shake the cold that is clutching at my lungs and weighing down my sinuses making me want to sleep deeply during the day and leaves me wide awake during what seems to be the longest hours of darkness to be endured.   But I’m being dramatic.  It just seems to be a cold that has hit me harder than I would like to admit to.

Seed raising mix
After a bit of mental arithmetic I worked out how many containers I needed and filled them with seed raising mix.

Besides the wind and the rain are still raging about outside and gardening wouldn’t be fun.  Although I do despair of the things still to be done.  With the sowing of the first seeds, the tug of spring on the coat tails seems more urgent.

Seed sowing with a pencil
One of my favourite seed sowing tools is a pencil. It is perfect to create drills, poke holes and realign wayward seeds and even helps to cover them over.

The seeds I have sown are the ones that I have decided need the best head start on the season as they take such a long time to get going.  Having said that I normally start them off with great fanfare on the first day of August like a tradition that must be upheld no matter what.  However, these days I seem to be a little more relaxed about things.  The growing season is just that – a season and the period of time when it is ideal to sow seeds is a very wide window indeed.  I’ve always known this but succumbed to the feeling that these things needed to be done at the first opportunity.  Seeing others start theirs, provided it wasn’t way too early, did make me feel a little anxious.  But I need to remind myself.  It is not a race and if I sow seeds last week, next week or even next month, they will still be ok.

Fennel the Cat helping out
Fennel the Cat really likes to be right there beside me when I’m doing things. She’s great company when sick in bed, but probably not so much when trying to sow tiny seeds.

Gardening isn’t a race and I’m not competing with other gardeners and I’m certainly not competing with nature.  So long as her seeds fall into warm soil with the right kind of moisture and daylight and day length, then she isn’t that fussed.

Seeds sown
That should be enough seeds to be getting on with for now. The next sowing in September will be much bigger with the majority of crops sown then,

So, with my seeds tucked up in a good quality seed raising mix on a heat pad with enough water supplied, without being mollycoddled then they won’t even notice I’m not hovering about them fretting over their ability to germinate.  They will just get on with it and knowing this makes it easier for me to recover from coughing and spluttering without worrying about them and before we know it, we will both be out in the garden, enjoying the warmth of the summer sun.

seedlings on heat mats
All tucked up on heat mats. I will need to bring them closer to the light once they germinate to stop them going leggy, but until then they are fine where they are. I really do need to get a wiggle on with the dome shelves.

Come again soon – there will be better days ahead.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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    1. HI Danielle. I get most of my seeds from Yates and what I can’t get from there I try to find in all sorts of other places. I mostly sowed peppers, melons, eggplants, and a few other bits and bobs to get my seasonal succession planting going like salad crops. : o)

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