The wind is roaring

The weather has turned.  Up until recently it was mild, even possibly warm.  The sun shone for more days than it rained to the point the experts were concerned about impending summer drought as the reservoirs were at a similar winter low to the year there actually was a serious drought.

Gloomy outlook
If you look carefully into this gloomy outlook you can actually see the hail on the window!

The sun still shines from time to time as the wind is moving the clouds along so fast, they only cover the sun for the blink of a moment.  The rain is kind of welcome.  It is nice in that it is filling the water tanks, so summer watering of the garden can be done without a care in the world and the plants get their full thirst quenched.  But at the same time, it is a bit of a pain.  It is too wet to work outside, but not only too wet – it is an icy cold wet, the kind of rain that stings your face and hands and any exposed parts.  And sometimes it comes in sideways – and fast.  Often embellished with a touch of hail.   Not pleasant at all.

windswept lupin cover crop
My lupin cover crop is a bit bashed about, but if you need to look on the bright side, they need to be dug in soon anyway.

After such an extended period of mild and balmy weather it was, to be honest, taken for granted.  I kick myself for all the days I chose not to go out into the garden to get things done, just because I didn’t feel like it.  I think I need a big poster on my wall in the winter that says, “Don’t waste nice winter days!”  Having said that some of those days were not my fault…  we did go on holiday and I was also told by a doctor to put my foot up for a week after a final remedy for a sprain that had been bothering me since January.

From inside the Dome
The dome is toasty warm and snug in the face of all of the nasty weather going on around it. Although it does look like I may need to clean the windows soon.

The bit I think is the worst is the wind.  Not only is it a howling gale, but it is noisy.  If it wasn’t so noisy, I don’t think it would be as bad.  Right now, the gusts are 45 km/h.  I would love to find out what they have been, but my poor weather station is struggling to keep up and only intermittently displays the data.  I can’t even tell you which direction it has come from as the wind direction part has long since blown away!  I think if I want to continue to monitor the conditions, I’ll need a more robust system.

Overall outlook
Overall it isn’t too bad and nothing that a week in the sun wouldn’t fix.

I think the blessing comes from the big storm we had when we first moved here – the terrifying 212km/h winds at the start of our project has meant everything thing we have done here has the worst-case wind in mind.  So, our sheds stand strong, the dome is immovable.  It would seem an iron shed 1 kilometre up our driveway has become a twisted heap.  An ordinary greenhouse wouldn’t have stood a chance.  I have to say the spiralling costs of the dome have niggled away at me, tainting slightly the joy I have in it.  But on a day like today I am grateful for it and all that it cost.

No matter how bad it gets with the wind and the rain, I have the daffodils to cheer me up and remind me these times won’t last.

So, the wind from the depths of the Antarctic started blowing about a week ago and the boffins have not suggested a let up in the immediate future.  But it is winter after all.  It is supposed to be cold and yucky.  What I need to ask myself is am I crazy enough about my garden to rug up warm and get out there and get stuff done to prepare for the impending spring?

Come again soon – the weather is raining on my parade.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

4 thoughts on “The wind is roaring

    1. Absolutely. I love the dome, but it is actually a kind of necessity. It has done nothing but blow for the last couple of weeks and it is nice to sleep at night and not worry about it. Having said that there is hardly a puff of wind today and it is so nice here. : o)

  1. Sarah, your garden is amazing. I’m sorry that cold weather, brutal winds and a sprained ankle seem to be conspiring against you just now. I’m glad to hear you’ve been on holiday, though, and I hope you can enjoy reading and relaxing while you heal.

    1. Winter always seems like it is a long period of down time when you can get loads done, but it zips by so fast. I really need to focus now on tidying up all the loose ends of things I’ve started as spring is just around the corner. : o)

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