Day of rest

Ok, we are only three days into Make May Count and I didn’t do anything at all.  But I have my excuses at the ready.  It is Sunday, which is a day of rest, and I feel like I need to charge my batteries for the month ahead.  And it was raining.  The rain is welcome as it was quite dry in the garden.  But rain isn’t the nicest working conditions so I took a rain check.  (See what I did there).  And in this strange old time the last thing I want to do is make myself sick working in the rain.

Geodesic Biodome greenhouse
I’m sure my seedlings will be fine in the dry of the dome for a day.

And there you have it…  Nothing was done today and I’m ok with that.

Come again soon – A new week starts tomorrow and it will be productive.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


2 thoughts on “Day of rest

  1. Good decision. Sunday wasn’t called a day or rest for nothing. Call it God watering the garden for you 😊

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