Hot Stuff!

It was another mostly computer gardening day today and to be honest I didn’t mind being tucked up in my cosy office as the wind was howling and it was rather cold outside.  Not exactly outside gardening weather.

But what I did manage to do is process a few chilies.  The ones smoked on yesterday’s BBQ had dried to a crisp in the dehydrator, along with some mulato peppers that are supposed to be perfect in a Mexican Mole sauce.  I am a bit disappointing with myself as I got impatient and harvested some of them too early.  They are supposed to be a rich chocolately brown when cut open, but many of mine were green.  But we are only three weeks off winter – how much longer did they need?

From left to right: Mild mannered mulato powder – which should be browner; Smoked chili powder – such spicy goodness and a bottle and a half of home made sriracha that will probably last us a very, very long time.

The smoked chilies didn’t disappoint and whizzed up wonderfully.  While I had the blender chocked up with hot stuff I decided my sriracha sauce had been fermenting long enough so I whizzed that up too, ran it through a sieve and boiled it until thick.  I didn’t try it personally but Hubby the Un-Gardener had a teeny tiny dab of it on his little finger and raced off for a glass of milk.  I suspect that means its a good sriracha?!  I really must stop growing habanero peppers.

Come again soon – I wonder what joys Friday will bring.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


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