I have to say it is great to have electricity again, I really appreciate its value, especially when it enables my heater to heat my wee office because the temperatures have really dropped.  However on the flip side of not having electricity yesterday,  it meant today was spent in my cosy wee office catching up on computer gardening.  So much so I was in danger of not doing anything for Make May Count.

But I caught a glance of a bright coloured sticky note on the wall above my desk that says ‘Do one more thing’.  It is amazing how a piece of paper can chastise you.  So I gathered myself together and did one more thing with the chilies that have been hanging around in the kitchen.

smoking chillies
I won’t regret doing this one more thing… this delish powder will get used almost every day!

I popped a slit in each one and then set up the BBQ and put them on to smoke.  We did attempt to sit around the BBQ during the smoking process but it was just too cold to make it fun.   Now they are in the dehydrator and in the morning I should be able whiz them up to a fine powder in my food processor and have a spicy, smoky sprinkle to add to almost every dish I cook.

Come again soon – all going well tomorrow will have some genuine gardening going on.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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