Where to put my Mother’s Day Gift

I have been so busy Making May Count that I didn’t get a chance to share the excitement with you.   Saturday was productive but in a more laid back way.  I continued moving thousands of photos across to my super storage device.  It became essential as things became so chocca block full I was stopped from taking any more photos.  While it was productive it was non gardening productive and found me still in my PJs at 2pm.  This was all the more frustrating because I hadn’t done any gardening and it was a gorgeous autumn day with a mild warmth and a clear blue sky.

Sarah the Gardener Monday Message

Driven by a need to keep the garden in focus I decided to replant my Tahitian Lime tree.  This is a lucky tree that survived the Great Orchard Massacre of 2019, as it didn’t actually get planted and was found bereft of leaves but alive.  I brought the survivor into the greenhouse and nursed it back to health.  It recovered well – almost too well as it big enough to get in the way in the greenhouse.  So, I decided to replant it into a big pot and keep it on the deck by my office.  I even had a bag of citrus mix to plant it into.   There was a large pot that had successfully grown a lime in at the old place but unfortunately died of neglect during the move.   All I needed to do was to drag the old container out of the chicken coop where it has been languishing for the last couple of years and empty the contents, replace with fresh soil, and plant the tree.  Easy.

Old pot
And this is as far as I got!

I got as far as dragging out the container before deciding enough was enough.  The container was heavy, and the dead tree was spiky, and I was a namby pamby who had spent the day in her PJs and wasn’t really up to a big job.

chiminea Mother's Day gift
I love my chiminea Mother’s Day gift, but it will probably stay inside until it has a place worthy of it outside.

Feeling a little defeated I woke up the next day to Mother’s Day and a fabulous waffle breakfast and an amazing chiminea as a gift.  Hubby the Un-Gardener thought it could go nicely on my deck by my office but upon reading the instructions it said don’t put on a wooden deck or it may burn.  After a bit of discussion, we looked at other options.  We thought for a bit that on the corner of the yet to be built house deck would by a good spot and we could set concrete pavers within the deck, without changing the surface level wouldd be great.  But there were two problems – the deck doesn’t exist yet and won’t for some time as I have grand plans for a grand deck and the technicalities of creating a windbreak that doesn’t obscure the view were just too complex.

Water tanks
It would be good to disguise these tanks, they aren’t exactly pretty.

Then we sparked upon a great idea – out the back of the house was a bit of an eyesore with water tanks and had become a bit of a dumping ground.  It was also a wind tunnel and a lot of the sand had been eroded by the wind.    Going with the premise a fire would only really be used at night, then the view wasn’t important, so we could put up a fence.  So long as that fence doesn’t obscure the view of the ocean from the house, which it wouldn’t.  Then we could create a nook, out of the wind for warm fiery evenings with a marshmallow or two on a stick.

Wind tunnel
This is a bit of a wind tunnel so it will be nice to have a solution to a problem as well as somewhere cool to hangout.

Fired up with enthusiasm Hubby the Un-Gardener and I got out there with a tape measure and started dreaming.  Very soon the dreaming turned into making things happen and we had worked it all out, mowed the area and even dug three post holes.  The only thing stopping us from progressing further was we had no materials.

Out of season sunflower
Oh and my first out of season sunflower has come out and looks so cheerful.

Looking at the space it seemed a little larger than what was needed for a fire pit.  Instead of reining in our idea and making it smaller, we decide to expand on the vision and will put in an outdoor kitchen with built in BBQ and Pizza Oven.   The location couldn’t be better.  It is just off the back door, which is off the kitchen and will be out of the wind.  And it will also be just off the grand ‘yet to be built’ deck.   I can barely wait.  I hope my vision is the same as Hubby the Un-Gardeners.  But so far so good, and it is nice to be working together on this landscape project.  This will certainly Make May Count.

Come again soon – I still have a lime tree to plant.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


4 thoughts on “Where to put my Mother’s Day Gift

  1. Sarah, I see you are still very active in ideas. You definitely wouldn’t want to block the ocean view. It’s funny how one Mother’s day present of a chimenea can quickly expand into a full outside kitchen. Things like that happen with me as well.

    We are into what hopefully will be out last frosty night and planting can begin this next week. I’m hoping to have many tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers planted by week’s end. It’s great to smell that fresh earthy smell in the garden again. Trees are all leaved out as Spring flowers begin there down hill slide to dormancy once again. This is my favorite time of the year.

    Have a great day in the garden.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. It does look terrible to be blocking the ocean view but if you take a couple of steps sideways around the front of the house it is all still there and there is no impact on the view from the house. Having spent a couple of years here now, we are looking forward to having somewhere out of the wind.

      I’m quite good at expanding projects – once a broken dishwasher ended up in a new kitchen, bathroom, laundry and new hardwood flooring throughout the house.
      Spring is a wonderful season. Enjoy. : o)

  2. Always love reading your updates!! This evening my Hubby enjoyed reading it too 🙂

    1. Hey Ruth. Thanks so much! It is fun to work with Hubby the Un-Gardener on projects but there is a little bit of ‘creative difference’, but that just makes it all the more worth it in the end. : o)

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