Monday Message

Use the things you saved for a rainy day, on a rainy day.

Sarah the Gardener Monday Message

Today is a rainy day.  I am in danger of being trapped in my office this evening because I don’t want to get wet and it is quite heavy right now.  It has drizzly and rainy all day, which is great for the garden and the water tanks but not great for the gardener or the view… we can’t even see the ocean!

foggy view
You can’t even see the ocean. You know it is there, somewhere because you can hear it, but gosh its gone!

But we need to be kind to ourselves and use the good stuff we put aside for later, for a reason to celebrate, or for something special or even for a rainy day.   It’s normally the bottle of bubbly, the fancy soap or the sweet smelling candle.  I have to say I don’t want to end my days with a mountain of these in my cupboards.   Within every day can be found a reason to celebrate, some kind of silver lining, if you look really hard.  Hopefully my silver lining today will be getting back into the house without getting wet!  That is a win and I’ll take it as such.  Not very gardeny but hey – its raining.

Foggy garden
Today is not a gardening day

I’m still Making May Count but in the rain it looks different.  It is computer gardening and a bit of screen gardening as I managed to soak in even more Chelsea Garden Show yesterday.  It was very indulgent but it was still kinda gardening.   There is just one more week of May and in the grand scheme of things that is still about a quarter of the month so no time for slacking.

Come again soon – rain or no rain, progress of some kind will be made.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


2 thoughts on “Monday Message

  1. Sarah, my goodness you grow and use a lot of peppers. My peppers are just Bell peppers and I like to stuff them with a tomato sauce, rice, hamburger mixture. As the garden season continues open up here, I’m drawn to grow a few squash again this year. It’s really not a big give away item in my area so I’m not going crazy with plants this year and end up with 80 some squash like I had the last time. Most people might take one but that’s it for the entire summer. Nebraska folks are heavy on meat, potatoes, and corn for vegetable. Being in a big city (500,000) ethnic foods are available which have the spices of that kind of food. My favorite foreign food would be Italian. I do love pasta and bread. I like Mexican but soft spice American style.

    We are finally beginning to receive the rains that we need. It was very dry through April and May until the last 10 days. The best part is that it’s coming in 1/4 to 1/2 inch intervals with space in between. They are nice slow rains with time to soak in. But with the Spring time gardening juice running through my body, I am anxious out not being out in the garden. There’s always structure things to work on for me when the garden is too wet to work.

    Have a great New Zealand Chelsea Garden Show day.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. It is just one plant of each – except the bell peppers as they are a cooking staple.
      I think our weekly meals are a blend of many cultures – I like to mix it up so we don’t end up eating the same meals day in, day out! You have to get a bit creative as well as meat is a little be pricey here so you need to make it go a long way. I can’t remember the last time I had a big roast beef. : o)

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