Unpredictable Days

Sometimes Making May Count means I’m so busy Making May Count that at the end of the day I collapse exhausted into a comfy chair and remain there until I recharge enough to get up and send myself to bed.

Garden shed chandelier
It is rather decadent to have a garden shed chandelier, but I love it!

Yesterday was one of those days.   The boffins had said it was going to rain all week, which turned out to be untrue and after a bit of a foggy start the day cleared to be one of those fabulous sunny days we have become accustomed to.  Unlike today, which is back to the gloomy foggy rainy situation we found ourselves in on Monday.  I hadn’t expected to get anything of note done in the garden at all.  I’m not mad enough to work in the rain and the risk of catching a cold would mean people looking sideways at me when I sniff or sneeze when I do venture out and about.  It is really not worth the risk.  So I set myself up for a day of computer gardening in the cosiness of my office.

Jasper the Dog
Jasper the Dog loves hanging out in my office, but he does drag in a lot of sand in those giant paws

I do have to say it is a lovely spot and I have the heater going so it is warm and I love my lights, they contribute to the cosy feeling by delivering a warm glow from their chandelier bulbs.  Although it does need a bit of a tidy up as Jasper the Dog has made a bit of a mess.  (Nothing I have done could possibly have contribute to the mess…)  But he does like to pull paper out of my waste paper bin and shred it.  And his big boofy feet have tramped sand everywhere.   Maybe if I get all my computer gardening done I should probably clean the office…  if it is still raining.

Half painted wall
It was so frustrating to run out of paint, just when I was getting into the swing of things.

But yesterday it was unexpected lovely, so I fiddled about with the beach balls again.  Two days ago I was ready to write these off as a failure, but persevered and am glad I did as they are almost how I thought they’d be and all going well will be able to do a bit of a ‘did-dah’ thing very soon.

Garden centre purchases
I think I may be morphing into a different kind of gardener – I didn’t even look at the vegetable section at the garden centre. Although I’ll never not be a veggie gardener.

Then I decided to paint the wall.  I was going to break it up into four sections so it didn’t seem overwhelming, but it was actually quite pleasant and I kept going until I ran out of paint almost at the end of the third panel.  It looks fabulous, even in its unfinished state.  Although it was raining today I decided to go and buy more paint so when it stopped and the wall dried out I’d be ready to pick up where I left off.  But alas the store didn’t have the paint I was after so I will need to go further afield to find it.  But it wasn’t a wasted trip as I came back with some plants, some hanging basket stuff and other bits and bobs.

And now I need to get on with the computer gardening that I should have done yesterday.

Boiled peanuts
I have a new love… Boiled peanuts. I didn’t know they existed before, but I’m glad I do now!

Oh and as a side note…  did you know boiled peanuts was a thing?  I didn’t until the other day.  I had pulled my peanuts out of the ground and really didn’t know what to do with them.  Then the lovely Donna from Rainbow Gardens – I’ve been following her on You Tube for probably a decade, well she put up a video all about peanuts including a recipe for boiled peanuts and I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Oh my goodness – we have a new favourite in our house!   Check out Donna and her peanut video >Here<.  Be sure to tell her I say Hi!

Come again soon – I may need to put my eyes back on the veggie patch for a moment to keep it in order.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


11 thoughts on “Unpredictable Days

  1. Still looking forward to your did-dah!’ – also will check out the Rainbow Gardens now 🙂 Thanks!

    1. I think I’m ready to do a ‘did-dah’ with the beach balls – one last check and then watch this space. Donna has a fabulous channel over at Rainbow Gardens. You’ll love it. She has loads of create cooking ideas too. Enjoy. : o)

  2. I love that you have a chandelier in your garden shed, it must have a wonderful atmosphere in there, especially with Jasper making himself at home on the chair!

    The weather is crazy here in Auckland, it rained yesterday then was glorious today. We managed to get some work done on our veggie patch today and planted some seedlings. Just hoping the weather stays warm for a while longer.

    I borrowed your “The Good Life” book from the library today and am looking forward to starting reading it this evening as well as having a look at your newly discovered (to me) blog! All the best.

    1. Hi Rose – I know right… the weather has been all over the place. Today raining again after yesterdays sunshine! Enjoy the book. As much as I loved that garden I certainly don’t miss the mud! Having said that – I have swapped mud for wind! : o)

  3. Thanks for the shout out Sarah! Glad you all are enjoying one of favorite snacks down here in the south, boiled peanuts!

    1. I’m more than happy to share the love! I really enjoy your videos – I think I’ve been watching you pretty much from the start – in those Florida days with small kids helping you out!
      Now I know about boiled peanuts I’m going to pop in even more plants into the garden next season! : o)

  4. Sarah, it’s finally started raining here but we are still 2.88 inches (73.2 mm) behind for the average rainfall for this time of the year. My sweet corn sprouted up and grew to be about three inches tall before some thing ate the leaves and just left the bare stem sticking up. I think it must have been rabbits so I’ll have to wrap the sweet corn bed with a rabbit fence today. I hope the stem with continue to sprout out leaves and be ok.

    Boiled peanuts have been a thing in my country for as long as I can remember. It’s mostly in the southern part of the country but they can be found at the state fairs in the middle of the country. I suppose it’s more of a thing in the south because they can raise peanuts there. My area doesn’t have a long enough growing season with the warmer days that are needed. I think we might be able to grow okra here but it’s a stretch.

    Have a great virtual gardening day. I too have more flowers this year.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. I’m glad you got some rain. It can be so hard to be needed it while you are trying to grow a garden. And I hope you can keep the pests away too. I don’t think it is warm enough to grow okra here, but I do get a meagre harvest each season. All the best in your garden. : o)

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