Dome Done

I knew it would be a big job, that’s why I’d been putting it off.  I started half heartedly a week ago, just sorting the clutter that had built up on the benches and trying to find homes elsewhere for it.  That is one of the reasons I pickled the shallots the other day as they were still in the dome from the summer and needed doing and it seemed like a much better idea than sorting clutter.   But I had to come back to the dome eventually, I need to sow seeds and there was nowhere to do it.  Not only that there was nowhere that had been sanitised to a new seedling standard and if I left it too much longer it would be too late.

One of the biggest clutter points in the dome was that last season I didn’t have a tool shed and a lot of the tools had been stored in there.  I’ve never had full use of it as a single purpose greenhouse.  Now I have a shed, which is in desperate need of a clean out, although not with the same urgency as the dome but all the tools and non-propagation items have been unceremoniously sent there.

Then all the old pots and trays were pulled out – they have been stacked but not cleaned.  I think I’ll need to clean as I go and make a note to myself to do better next autumn.  Once I cleared it all out there was a lot of dirt and spiderwebs.  I didn’t evict the spiders as they are great pest control, but I reigned in their webs so they wouldn’t block the light coming through the glass.  It wouldn’t have happened, but it was a good reason sweep them all away.

I donned a mask and swept up all the dirt of the shelves and the floor.   I wasn’t about to give myself a case of legionnaires disease!  The next bit was fun, I got the hose and blasted all the stubborn dirt out of every corner.  It hadn’t been that clean since before the shelves went up.  All the shelves got a wipe down with disinfectant to take care of any lingering disease from last season.  While I was doing that I noticed the wood was looking quite dry, so I gave the shelves a generous coat of linseed oil to help extend the life of the wood.  It smells really lovely in there.

Then it came time to start putting things back in.  I did have my potting station right at the end of the shelves by the door, but I decided to move it further round so I had somewhere on the left to put the seedlings that need attention and then all of the right is for the rest of the seedlings that have been taken care of or don’t need it yet.   It should be like a well-oiled machine once I get going.

Then the existing seedlings that are in desperate need of new homes in the soil went back in.  Planting them out is a job for another day, but I think I know exactly where I’ll put them.   I was finally able to stand back and call the job done!  It is such a weight off my shoulders.   Now I can sow the peas, and a few other seeds, do a bit more computer work and I think we’ll be able to call this week a success.

Come again soon – progress is being made.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

20 thoughts on “Dome Done

  1. Impressive! My greenhouse is going to need a lot of work before next spring. You have inspired me to at least get a good start on it this fall!!!

  2. You do more annually than it takes me to do in several years. It takes a few years to clutter a shed, and as long to organize it. I still lack a greenhouse. (I do not need one here though.)

    1. Historically I’m a clutterer but in the garden I seem to need a sense of control and am generally better at doing a good deep clean… after clutter sneaks back in! Hopefully this time the dome will stay clutter free but I doubt it. : o)

  3. Beautiful! I haven’t started sowing my seeds yet, but when I do, the windowsills will be crowded with egg cartons. Hopefully the cats won’t decide to sit on them or push them off!

  4. Sarah, sounds like you have been inspired to get on top of things in preparation for the coming season. It’s always exciting to start a new season of gardening. Every thing is so fresh and new with many ideas about the season roaming around inside our thoughts. Spring is my favorite season. It’s always a great feeling when a big job is completed, don’t you think?

    Have a great spring day of garden preparation.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. Oh absolutely. Knowing the dome is ready for the new season is a complete weight off my shoulders. I still have a little bit more to clear the stage ready for the new season to make its entrance, but I think I am nearly there! : o)

  5. That looks like a huge job, Sarah. I’m glad you’ve got your lovely dome back under control in time for your spring seed-sowing.

    I love your new photo avatar, too.

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