Thursday already

I hate it when a week disappears out from under me, doesn’t it know I have plans.   Some of the week was spent not gardening because the weather was awful – we had a huge storm – right in off the ocean.  We didn’t suffer too much damage compared to others, but a window blew off a cabin on the hill.  Fortunately, it wasn’t broken so we just got some new hinges and attached it back onto the cabin. 

Storm damage
Our neighbour lost a few trees which took out a fence. But even this compared to some of the damage in other areas seems minor in the grand scheme of things.

In the garden I lost one of the new gutters I had recently put on my garden office, but I have the spare parts to put it back up.  It could have been worse.   The biggest problem I think was the gate and windbreak above it were open during the storm due to inadequate latches.  And so, the wind was able to whip in through the gap and burn a few things.  I have also fixed this by attaching new latches.  This is the 4th attempt at latches that work well on my gate and I’m hoping this time it’s a keeper as I’m running out of affordable options.

storm damaged guttering
We’d only just put this guttering up, but its an easy fix so not really a problem.

I also went to the garden centre and ended up having a bit of a free for all and bought loads of things – some I needed, actually most I needed, but a few things snuck into the trolley that I wasn’t expecting like a dozen small trees for the wind break hill that need to be planted and a gorgeous deep dark dahlia – goodness only knows where I will plant that! 

Gate latches
Looking at this photo of my new gate latch set up I see a flaw in my system. If both gates shut while I’m in the garden I could be locked in there (not really a bad thing though…) I think I need a string attached to the top latch that is fed over to the other side so I can pull it open…

And as if I haven’t got enough on my plate, I have started another project that will be revealed at a later date but all I can reveal now is it involves a cool new thing we’ve been calling Blossom – stay tuned for more… 

Oh my goodness – how pretty is this?! I don’t know where it will go but you can be certain I will find a spot!

Oh, and all my seeds have been gathered and so now I need to wash all my pots and clean the greenhouse, so I am ready to go in a couple of weeks’ time!  Eek – when did spring get so close?

There is nothing like a big pile of fresh new seeds to get the sap rising, but I won’t be sowing these yet… no matter how much they taunt me with their pretty eyes.

But for now, the morning rain seems to have cleared up, so I need to get out there and salvage something from this week.

Come again soon – I can’t wait to introduce you to Blossom.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

7 thoughts on “Thursday already

  1. Sarah, Storms seem to abound everywhere in the world this year. Some are worse than others. We had straight line winds in July that were over 90 MPH and lasted for 30 minutes. It uprooted trees and broke off massive tree branches all across the city. Power was out in some parts of the city for a week. Fortunately my power was only off for a short 6 hours from midnight to 9:30 a.m. so I slept through most of it. It was good to see that there is still a spark of good in people when bad things happen. They come together in supportive ways to help each other. By 7 a.m. chainsaws were buzzing in the neighborhood helping with tree carnage cleanup.

    I’m glad to hear that your damage will be easily repaired. Nature has a way of keeping us humble when we think that we are in control of everything.

    I’m waiting with great anticipation to hear what could Blossom could be.

    Have a great restraint garden planning and preparation day.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

  2. I envy your shopping trip. We are in our 4th lockdown this year, I have forgotten how easy it is to pop down to the shops when you need something. Because of course things always decide to break or run out right when you can’t go to the shops. Of course the food shops are open, and we can do online ordering and pickup at other shops, but some things need to be seen in person to make sure you are getting the right part. I have done a few desperation online orders that ended up being the wrong thing, and no returns until the shops are open, so you just have to try again… aargh, it makes you wonder when all this will be over 🙁

    I would love that dahlia in a pot! Maybe I will try and find one once I can get to a garden centre again 🙂

  3. No-one does weather like you, Sarah. Good grief, what a brutal wind. I’m sorry about the damage, but as you say, it could have been worse. I’m glad you filled your trolley with lovely trees and plants. I can’t wait to hear more about your next project.

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