Time waits for no man

And it certainly isn’t waiting for this gardener!   I have been in and out of the garden this week, but I can say without a shadow of doubt, I’m not progressing with my spring preparations as quickly as I’d like.  It isn’t like I’m not achieving things, because I’ve ticked off some pretty big items off the to-do list.  I just underestimate just how far I can stretch my time.   I start the day thinking I’d like to tick these certain things off my list.  But come the end of the day I’m only two thirds the way through task one!

There are signs for the impending spring all around me. I can’t dilly dally while daffodils are watching.

So next week I’m going to ramp things up and be more intentional.  I have one day out of the garden, and there is the usual computer gardening that needs doing, but aside from that, there is – in theory, plenty of time to really make a dent in the list.   The weather doesn’t look that great – but it is just showers and light rain and I have a raincoat and a can do attitude!

So in a public declaration, next week I would like to achieve, sowing a few seeds, introducing Blossom – you’ll love her, finish cleaning the dome, rescuing the rhubarb, removing the cover crops – I may ask Hubby the Un-Gardener for help as it is a tedious chore, sow a row of carrots, make two new sections in the brick path, fix the storm damaged guttering, get started on the windbreak behind the dome to stop the eddies and plant the new red currant to replace the one that died.  Actually, I have a lot of plants about the place that could be planted easily so I should do that too…

So not much really, and I could easily write a list just as big for next week, however if you just put one foot in front of the other, with your head down and your bum up, you’d be surprised how much you could get done.

Come again soon – I’m on quite the mission to become spring ready.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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