The tomatoes were the star of the show

Tonight’s meal was another fabulous offering, straight from the garden, but created especially for the seasonal delicacies by the lovely Warren Elwin for Bite magazine in the New Zealand Herald and inspired by what is going on in my garden.  I feel so privileged to have such amazing recipes drawn from what I have growing and it wouldn’t do not to attempt the wonderful recipes that sit so nicely beside my autumn article.

Perfect vine ripened tomatoes
Perfect vine ripened tomatoes

So today we have had a simple meal, in that it was so easy to prepare, but rich and sumptuous, it felt as though we were dining like kings!  The humble sausage was elevated to an incredible feast as they were baked upon a bed of perfectly vine ripened cherry tomatoes.  Fresh herbs and garlic (store bought but I don’t want to talk about why as the dismal failure of my crop still pains me) and the mellow yet sharpness of the balsamic vinegar mingled together for a meal that made us feel spoilt to eat.

I imagine Roasted Sausages and Tomatoes will quickly become a welcome regular on my meal planning list as it so easy to prepare, yet extremely delish.  This gives me another reason to pamper my tomato plants and hope the first frost of the season is a long way off so they survive well into autumn and we and continue to enjoy this dish.

Roasted sausages and tomatoes, green salad and crusty bread
Roasted sausages and tomatoes, green salad and crusty bread

Come again soon – so far these meals have delighted us and I can’t wait for the next one.

Sarah the Gardener : o)

10 thoughts on “The tomatoes were the star of the show

  1. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, it looks so yum. Your tomatoes look so gorgeously fresh. Love your blog its so refreshing.
    Happy Gardening:)

      1. Hey Sarah, I’m really enjoying following your blog. You are such a wonderful gardener to have the time to have such a beautiful and productive patch and to share it all with us on your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, I have learnt so much and I always look forward to your next post. Have a great Day:)

    1. Hi Julie. It has got to the point where the sheer abundance of tomatoes has taken the excitement of early season tomatoes and replaced it with the feeling harvesting tomatoes is now a chore. I do have green shield beetles and I squish them when I see them but largely ignore them – they aren’t in plague proportions.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

      1. Hey Miss … I meant to say LOVE both of these ingredients. I need to wear my glasses more often. Isn’t it funny how things can change from the start of the season to the end .. I have lots of beetles. Want some? LOL

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